How to Set Up Your Jitterbug Smart2 Smartphone


congratulations on your new jitterbug

smart - ready to set up your new phone

this video will show you how

step-by-step to get your phone up and

running as quickly as possible we will

be skipping some non-essential options

but don't worry any option you skip can

be set up later by going to settings

first press and hold the power button on

the right side of your phone to turn it

on in a few moments you'll see the

welcome screen once you see the welcome

screen tap the get started button you'll

then see a message to take out your

Quick Start Guide that came with your

phone this will help you keep track of

some important information tap the next

button to continue next you will choose

a home screen we recommend our easy to

use jitterbug smart home screen which

will provide a simpler easier interface

with larger text and icons tap the easy

to use jitterbug smart option to select

it then tap the next button to continue

you will then see a message letting you

know that some of the following steps

are optional you can tap skip or not now

in the following steps and still use all

the features on this phone tap the get

started button to continue

time to set up your new phone tap the

setup as new option now let's get

connected to the Internet if Wi-Fi is

available select your Wi-Fi network then

enter your password

write down your settings in your

QuickStart guide for future reference if

you don't have Wi-Fi access or would

like to set this up later tap use

cellular network for setup to proceed

great call covers any data usage for

setup and all software updates for your

new device


the next screen is optional asking you

to add an existing or create a new

Google account we recommend skipping

this step for now you can always add it

later while watching the video how to

add a Google account adding a Google

account is not required to use your

jitterbug smart but it will allow you to

purchase additional apps from the Google

Play Store and some other features tap

skip to proceed to a message informing

you about these additional features tap

skip again to move on the next screen

will give you the option to disable some

specific Google services scroll down or

tap the down arrow button to review the

options once you reach the bottom tap

the next button to continue next is the

option to personalize your phone with

your name type your name here then tap

next to continue you can also skip this

step by just tapping next the next

screen will prompt you to add a screen

lock code this is for extra protection

if you misplace your phone we recommend

setting this up later

tap the not Now option then tap skip

anyway to continue if you do choose to

set up a screen lock now write down what

you entered in your QuickStart guide as

a reference

finally you will be prompted to review

some advanced customization options

we recommend tapping setup later to

continue congratulations you've made it

to the end of the setup process your

phone will now complete the setup with

great calls network this will take a few

moments and your phone may restart when

finished you will automatically be taken

to the Jitterbug home screen and you can

start using your jitterbug smart to

please keep your Quick Start Guide in a

safe spot for future reference if you

ever need to reset your phone be sure to

check out our other how-to videos to

learn more about the features of your

new jitterbug smart 2