How to unlock a iphone 6s without the password will be available soon

yo guys its cuts count yellow here and

I'm bringing you a unlock and get into

iPhone tutorial like if you can't get

into it so just do that open mail there

you go

I mean already look they go see podium I

just leave it a few minutes few seconds

slack I've only going on a few seconds

so like that just to make sure look just

ah get it wrong

unlock open mail come up with that first

open mail there you go

see I'm in again so that's basically it

easy tutorial how to get in to your

iPhone if you forgot your password or if

you just want to go on miss around and a

mate mate phone I think it only works on

the iPhone 6 that's what I've well

that's what I can only find out because

I've only got an iPhone 6 and that so

yeah this has been a tutorial on how to

do unlock on the iPhone 6 at 6 so that's

it thank you guys and peace

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