How To Bypass iPhone 5S iOS 7 Lockscreen Without Password or Fingerprint

hey guys so today I want to do a quickly

a video here on my iPhone 5s and I want

to show you how you can bypass the the

lock screen when you have a passcode or

a fingerprint and saying this the

fingerprint thing turn on so you can

unlock your phone here with passcode or

fingerprint if you want to bypass that

when you have that on there is a way to

do that and gain access to some all the

phone features like the camera without

you having to without you having to have

the fingerprint or have happy-happy

passcode so how do you pull this off I'm

going to show you that right now so if

first you can see here I have passcode

on enemies have a simple one one two

three four hmmm and then I do also have

my own fingerprint here on my thumb you

can have more fingerprints and I'm going

to go over that in future videos so you

can see the d home button here is a

special variant so you can see I have

that one on so let's just demonstrate

that so a lot of the phone right now and

you can see that I need either the

passcode here so one two three four you

can see that it goes unlocked or I can

of course use use my fingerprint here my

phone my thumb here and by holding in

like that and it will unlock the phone

you can see it doesn't work with any

other hands here or fingerprints because

I have backed waited that you can see

try again text okay pretty cool stuff so

let's see here if against crying again

take some time of course to get used to

how exactly you should do it so how do

you do this

well you in this only works on I was

seven point though that the phone comes

with if you have a newer version of iOS

like 7.0 point two this is probably not

going to work but if you do have the

stock versioning I'm gonna show you hmm

let's see here if you go into about

phone exam seven

I was 7.0 eleven eight four six six and

if you haven't updated to the latest or

if the phone hasn't updated to ladies I

would simply open to this cool thing

will work so this is how we do it so use

lock your device like this

you can see let's say I'm a thief right

now trying to access your phone and the

first thing you do is you go up like

this and if the control center is a well

ball here then you can continue and you

can also disable so you don't have

access to this control center in the on

the lock screen but the default I think

is that it's enable then you want to tap

on this clock icon so now when you're

inside of the clock app you want to hold

down the power button and then you want

to click cancel and it instantly when

you click cancel you want to spam your

home button like three times there we go

now you gain access with the phone not

even I haven't even unlock the phone but

you gain access to some apps like you

would be able to open up the camera app

here if it was open up so you can see

here I can open up the camera app and

what I can do here in the camera app is

that I can take pictures and remember

the phone is still at the entity ie I

didn't use a fingerprint I didn't use a

the passcode and then what I can do it I

can't even take videos and I can go in

and have a look at these photos so

pretty pretty bad there and of course

this is a thing that you can see is your

locked here now when we go back but you

have almost pretty sure it will work for

you to go in to some other apps if you

want to solve this then what you need to

do is you need to update to iOS 7.0.3

other ways you can bypass the lock

screen without when you have a passcode

and fingerprint in iOS 7.1.2 by using

FaceTime by calling a person but at

least they have fixed this thing this

clock thing or that little buggy glitch

I was seven and so quickly look at that

hopefully you did enjoy if you want to

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if you want to see any specific videos

let me know about that and I will

definitely see what I can do have a good