hello guys what's up welcome back to our

techies and in this video I will gonna

show you how to remove iCloud lock from

iPhones so start through the computer

first okay so first of all download is

iTunes and custom IPSW file for your

iPhone from the given link below the

description but make sure download the

correct file for your phone and then in

uninstall the itunes if you already have

a itunes then uninstall it and install

these items in your PC and then rename

this iPhone 5 GSM - it's a rename this

rename it to raise the file ok rename it

to this iPhone 4.0 32-bit this name okay

for which phone you have to rename it in

which name it will all the are in the

description you just check the

description ok

and then it's renamed ok and then after

that just simply a copy and paste - to

this specified folder the app data and

then Apple software update Apple

Computer then this Apple this folder

here it is Apple Computer here here in

this folder Apple Computer and just

simply go to the iTunes iPhone software

update and copy that file to this folder

iPhone software updates and all the must

check the description first all

everything in the description you can

check the description there's all the

links which you have to rename it all

out they all are in the description

check the description while watching

this video ok and after that just exit

out from it and ok now let's start

through the phone here this is the

the phone this is iPhone 5 and let me

show you the what's the problem here

this is iCloud locked phone again let me

show you from the very beginning so I

select the English it is in this unit


I already connected to my Wi-Fi so

simply connected and as you can see this

is asking for the activation lock so you

don't have any activation lock and there

is no there is no any kind of bypass now

available in the eye for iOS 10.2 there

is no network bypass there is no Wi-Fi

bypass so you can't bypass it it you

have to directly install this custom iOS

verse IPSW file for your iPhone so I am

trying that so it's again asking the

same asking activation of life iPhone is

lost or ears into the Apple ID password

where you set up so this is the problem

so there's no way there's nothing

another way to fix just like Network

bypasses nothing here in this another

network so there's no option to bypass

it and so first of all let me take the

data cable for this phone required the

data cable that must you must use the

original data cable which comes with the

phone and while using must remember the

antivirus or any kind of virus protector

of your phone make it disabled so this

is the original data cable which comes

from the hi phone with this iPhone so

first connect it with the Hoopoe she and

it's and this method will only work in

means windows computer not in the Mac

because these ityou will not support in

the Mac so it is a mode it it kind of

modded items can say that so now after

that simply connect the eye okay let me

stand this phone but there is no stand

here I think it will drop sorry

okay let me put the phone here and

simply connect the data cable with the


where is the Chang racetrack to see to

such a pure like this okay after nullity

if they start the compare I do in my PC

let first and then

okay now let me connect the data cable

with the phone

and after correcting just to hold the

home key and the power key until the

phone reboots and connect it in the I to

note just hold it down and okay now it's

in iTune mode as you can see this is in

the iTune mode so now from here you can

just click over the restore you have it

updated okay restore tips restore and

then restore an update so it study is

the process is now going on so I'm not

going to fast forward this video or just

like okay let's see and it will the

restoring process will takes around

three or four minutes hardly hardly five

minutes and in that between if you face

any just like I tuned error then just

check the my second just my second video

there is also a link below the

description check that video if you face

any error in while doing this process












okay it seems completed his swing iPhone

so it's complete now so okay there is no

sim installing the iPhone you were at it

attempting to activate so I need to

install a SIM card in this phone I think

to activated I already tried in my

iPhone 5s

it's 100% working this method because I

and this custom room with this custom

IPSW is hundred-percent working to

unlock the iCloud look I hope in this

phone is also working and I all did it

I have called it it I uploaded only for

iPhone 5 and 5s the 5 for iPhone 5 and 5

is IPS W 5 custom IPSW file ok let's see

ok it started now so as you can see it

still showing there is no scene so the

phone is also started ok first of all

take my take my sim back when it's my

same same where you I see where are you


ok who are you hmm

ok I got two same ok let me now loved it

okay knowledge look is still no same no

see I think this seam is not working

let's see whatever it is give the

password first

fifteen could password

okay now it's connected to the Wi-Fi

let's see human study come on man

okay sim is not working

now let me connect the install this

second sim let's see I want to see you

let connect go go go try again because

activation server cannot reached okay

the four is in no service I don't know

what's going on

clean my previous phone also there is

the phone is no service for quite a long

time but after network reset the

networks appeared

okay as you can see it's now iCloud is

completely unlocked so I'm creating a

new earth

setting as a new iPhone so setting set

up in later

don't use okay it's completely work so

it's now done and I if you face any and

no service problem here you this in this

phone there is also no service I install

the same this might be still no service

if you also face this kind of problem

just simply I go to the setting and

there is a network setting just means a

network reset just reset the network

setting it will the network will appears

from then those as you can see

everything is working now so it's

completely unlocked it not I I use

iCloud bypass is completely unlocked

like now to active chinlock is

completely unlocked there is no a iCloud

lock in this phone now so this is the

way in that way you can easily unlock

the iCloud ID for your iPhones it's

working in all the iPhones I already

uploaded iPhone 5 and 5s with

description key if you want key just

simply hit the like button and message

me on my Facebook page I will give you

the key to download this I means

download this custom IPSW file so thanks

for watching this and don't forget to

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