Can I Reset My iPad Without iTunes? : Tech Yeah!

hi I'm Skyler ever since iOS 5 you've

actually been able to update your

software over Wi-Fi meaning that you

don't have to connect your iPad to your

computer to do things like restoring it

or downloading new software so the way

that you would go about resetting your

iPad without connecting it to iTunes is

under settings and general right here on

the left at the very bottom look for

reset you've got a couple of different

options here you can reset all settings

this won't delete any content but it

will revert everything to factory

default settings you could erase all

content and settings and this is

generally what people mean when they say

reset an iPad so what this would do is

erase everything and when it's done

erasing everything it's going to reach

out to Apple servers download the newest

version of the software that it can find

and buy software I mean iOS the

operating system and then install that

it's not the deepest possible way to

completely restore an iPad that can only

be done through iTunes but it will erase

all the content reset all the settings

to default and give you a an effectively

or functionally clean iPad thanks for

watching I'm Skyler