Hyundai Sonata trunk won't open!

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we will address a trunk opening anomaly

that is evidently found only in 2011

through 2017 model Hyundai Sonata owners

of these vehicles often find themselves

unable to operate the trunk from either

the cars key fob or the release button

on the dashboard the issue is here a

small innocuous lever built onto the

trunk latch it is marked as shown but is

rarely given any attention if the lever

is pushed up toward the trim the trunk

releases are locked out watch the trunk

can only then be operated with the

mechanical key the key hole is beneath

the lip of the trunk facing downwards if

you have a push button start model the

mechanical key will be found inside the

fob as shown once inside

flip the lever back to the unlocked

position pulled away from the interior

trim the release buttons on the key fob

and on the dashboard will operate

properly once again the lock out may be

intended to be part of a valet system

for keyless start models the main body

of the fob can be left with the valet

while the mechanical key held by the

owner can be used to lock the glovebox

and to open the trunk after it has been


however the lockout is found in also

nada models for help with other keyless

or push button start cars and key fobs

from this or other manufacturers look

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