Hyundai Sonata Valet trunk lock (with no valet key)

my name is Tony and just like many of

you on a 2011 Honda I already in that

generation and maybe had some trouble

with the valet my own I'm gonna show you

real quick how to get it done I'm gonna

go through the steps with you but it's

pretty much it's pretty simple the only

thing you are going to need is a flat

head first

Nadia Philips flat head that'll be


no butter knives they Bend all right

let's show you real quick

so right here these are the safety

latches so the baby seats or whatever I

don't know what they're called

pop pop just this one and this one off

then what's gonna happen is an item is

probably gonna be a lot better you

didn't see a cable you're gonna see the

black cord over the metal cable what you

wanna do

you wanna get your screwdriver and pull

that metal cord why are you doing that

you want to take the seat down now that

sounds almost impossible trust me I buy

myself a stop what you do is your phone

because if you watch this your phone is

gonna be right here with the light on

is he gonna put your screwdriver and and

just touch it just touch it once you

touch it at the same time that will come


it's an overt vice-versa for this app as

well what's gonna do no man it's a mess

you're gonna climb over here open the


one thing I definitely will suggest

crawling across this trunk it didn't be

happy as hell trust me ours turn on

automatically turn it down

so when the truck is up if not and slam

it your trunk is in valet mode when you

have a trunk opened and you press the

homo key again it'll take it out of

valet mode and then just back together

as it was and that's how you awfully

that helps you guys I'm up