How To Unlock Huawei - Works for ANY Huawei phone.

hey what's up guys in today's video I'm

going to show you how to unlock a huawei

phone I'm gonna be using a well weigh

ascent Y 300 but this method will work

for anywhere we phone out there okay

it's very very simple we're gonna be

doing a factory unlock which is that you

unlock your phone permanently to use it

worldwide with any GSM SIM card in the

world it is very very simple I'm going

to tell you how to read step by step

alright so in this case my go away phone

it's locked to the company t-mobile I

bought it there but I want to unlock it

to use it with another SIM card my Claro

sinker alright so I'm gonna tell you how

to do it step by step

it is very very simple and we're gonna

start right now before we start I have

to mention that unfortunately there is

no possible way to unlock huawei phones

for free we'll have to pay a small

amount break alright let's start first

we open the phone application as if we

were making a call and you will type the

following command here star pound zero

six pound as you can see here this green

a 15 digit IMEI number a wheel up here

that is very very important and based on

his number we're going to request the

unlock code for this phone alright so

we're gonna put it aside right now and

we're going to switch to a computer

right so once you're in a computer open

your internet browser I use Google

Chrome and you will go to the website

unlockriver.com unlockriver.com alright

in this website we will request the

unlock code or at the phone alright so

we're just need to fill in the

information here of the bone so you can

see here in the rights hand side there

is a poor you just have to fill it in

with your information about your phone

so first select the original carrier of

your Huawei phone in this case I bought

it in t-mobile on United States remember

this is the original carrier then you

select the brand of the phone this is a

one-way bone so we click on it and then

you select the exact model you want to

unlock in this case I'm using that where

we ascend Y 300 so I'm just gonna click

on that one and then you will you will

write down here the 15 you get IMEI


we got at the beginning of the video

this is very very important make sure it

is 100% correct we're just going to copy

it from here a tool here double check it

he must be a hundred percent correct

that's the most important step alright

so the next thing we'll have to write

down your personal email where you want

to receive your unlock code once it's

completed right and then if you see you

down here you will see a delivery time

price and then we click unlock now now

in each screen you will be able to see

your order information just make sure

you read everything in this page it is

very very important then we click accept

and pay now as I promised I was going to

show you step by step what it takes to

unlock your phone so I'm just going to

go to the payment really quick it's

gonna take 10 seconds I promise you I'm

just gonna pay with paper so let me just

fill in my account details here you

don't need an account to pay with PayPal

you can do it with any credit card but

I'm just having town here so it's faster

so I just click pay now and we should

get a computer mission message saying

that the order was placed successfully

so as you can see here you get the

message order placed successfully our

team of professionals is already working

on your order that's it for now you just

have to wait until the code is sent to

your email okay

it can take a couple of hours a couple

of minutes you can take up to a few days

so it depends on the model of your phone

so I'm going to show you the email you

will receive after you you your code is

ready as you can see here you see Huawei

unlock code is gray so we click on that

email you're gonna see here the

instructions and they will not code down

here so I'm going to show you how to

insert this unlock code into the phone

alright so it is very simple we're gonna

switch cameras I'm gonna pull down the

phone here

here we go so we're going to take up the

battery of the bone first just power

make sure he's turned up power up okay

now we're gonna remove the back case the

back cover so just make sure you got it

it's a little tricky to remove it but

alright and then you will have to take

their battery out of bone and then you

will insert your SIM card now this is

very important in this case you have to

use a different SIM card from your

original one the one you want to use it

with the new carrier okay another

original one but the new one so I'm just

gonna insider' answer here my new

carrier then I'm going to put back the

battery and I'm gonna turn on the phone

right yeah it's perfect

we're just waiting for the phone to be

fully on we're gonna put back the cover

alright so now we just have to wait

until the phone is fully on he will take

a couple of seconds around 15 seconds

for the point to be fully completely on

and once your bonus turns on and it will

request it will ask you to insert the

unlock code into the phone as you can

see here I'm using a t-mobile phone and

I'm gonna unlock it you say with any

other carrier so once the point is

pulling on you we'll have to slide to

unlock the homescreen so we just drag

this down here to unlock and it says sim

network unlock pin here you will have

some certain lock code you're receiving

your email so just make sure it is

correctly inserted here just be careful

because every day it must be a represent

correct so I'm just gonna write down my

unlock code here this will only work for

one phone at a time so nine four nine

three so they don't hurt is you one

three nine one nine seven six nine

one six four two all right so we're

gonna click the button unlock now and

you will see with Kristin did I work and

luck Network I'm not successful

that's it guys the pony is now fully

unlocked you can use a worldwide with

any GSM SIM card and that's about it

let me know if you have any questions

and remember to subscribe to my videos

thank you I hope you guys enjoyed the

video and see you next time