Unlock Lever Handle Interior Door Knob From Outside | For Bathroom or Bedroom

hi my name is Tyler with watch me fix it

and today I'm reporting live to you in

front of this nice door I'm going to

show you how to unlock a door well first

of all we're going to lock in here so

pen up and there's a little button on

the back push that and how do we open it

up well most people keep a little allen

key I'll show this to you just a small

little allen key there hopefully you can

see that now you can use anything that's

long and skinny like that let's give it

a try what we're going to do will give

you a zoom in on this just put it in

this hole here and let's see you'll hear

a click and the door opens so let's have

a look all we need is about an inch and

a quarter inch and a half of something

that's straight and really skinny like

that let's see what else we can use all

right I've managed to find two things

once a paper clip hopefully you guys can

see that and all I did was just bend it

so it's long and pointy I'm going inside

of just about any pen depends what kind

of pen you got you got a little ink

cartridge oh I'll give these things a

try okay so Norgan okay it's locked and

of course every lever is going to be

different these are you know pretty

pretty good lovers I'd say but I might

change a cheap lever might be a little

more shallow in there

we'll just reach in there with the pen

as you can see I get a little pen ink

cartridge and you can hear it click open

let's do it paper same thing there we go

that's professional lock-picking magic

so with these two items it doesn't

matter what you use anything this long

is skinny it doesn't have to be the

allen key with the allen keys what they

give you when you buy the lock and

install it alright I hope this helps you

out if you're ever locked in your house

or locked out of the bedroom or you got

to go to the bathroom and the door's


you can use anything to open up the door

thanks for watching and be sure to give

this video a like and we'll see you next

time when watch me fix it