How to unlock a 2003 and up GM radio

what is happening guys it's Thursday and

we are at the hack and pack shop and do

I have a video for you guys today

hopefully we're not going to screw up

the radio in my truck one of my fellow

tubers one of you guys when you

subscribe or sent me a link showing me

how I can disable the theft lock on my

GM stereo right there one of those

stereos this one's out of a 19 or a 2003

Chevy pickup they use the same radios

and like the impalas okay it's out of

this puppy I'll show you the whole the

radio came out of just so you guys can

see a nice big hole today

so there you go this dash piece

here just pops right off basically what

you want to do is turn the key on you'll

have to start the truck throw the thing

all the way down into first gear and

then you can pop that panel right out

and it'll pull it out okay so this

website is saying that you can remove

this little freaking chip inside of the

radio and it should work all right but

the websites telling me that you need a

soldering gun you know guys I've got

like four of them because when I did the

laptop repair business I used to put a

lot of DC Jackson and you think I could

find one of those solder guns today nope

so we're gonna do something stupid

I mean radio ain't working anyway I just

got to find a good little pair of

needlenose they're got freaking crap

everywhere in this toolbox

I mean you bite below here hopefully I

do have a small enough pair of


if not we're gonna go caveman style here

even a pair of small side cutters work I

mean I could probably use those well

it'd be like awfully cave mannish that's

alright that's how we roll this pair of

needle-nosed this might work you know

they're pretty stiff we got here whoo

these will probably work really good

okay so what I'm gonna do I'm gonna be

stupid guys all right that's why you

watch me because you just you don't want

the home of do half the time so right

here if you look on my computer right

there is a picture of the chip and it

starts 9 3 this one says nine three five

five oh nine three bubble the block okay

that would be that chip right there and

I know zooms not going to clarify for

you because this camera sucks okay but

is what you got to do is anyways it's

that chips looking at the board of the

radio that's the chip right there okay

if these have a tape duct in them the

tape decks on top of this board you got

to take the tape duct out but the

sombitch um doesn't have a tape duct so

basically just pop this cover off the

radio you pop it right off with a

screwdriver so I'm gonna stick my little

handy dandy freaking things in here let

me try to work this a little bit and see

if it'll just kind of pop off there

you got to be very careful guys

all right so apparently taking that chip

off that little bugger right there I'll

have to give you guys this video in

hi-def you probably don't like that

apparently taking that chip off right

there the sombitch is going to work

let's play the site it says it's going

to read an error code he says it shows

an error code the first two seconds or

three seconds or whatever that the radio

is on okay so let me see if we could

plug this thing in here trying to do all

this one-handed as usual hate doing

stuff like this one-handed so go

the other way pisser there we go little

plug the antenna back in well the radio

is doing something I hear the CD player

I must have it upside down the African

do no wonder ever having some problems

here don't let your radio hang out by

the wire like I just did that's kind of

bad for the weary very so okay there we

go or ski for the song let's see

what it does if it does anything say it

12 o'clock Oh some bench showing a

little tape duct freaking thing there

but I don't have a tape duct calibration


oh look at that huh who's the man now

guys huh saw we have freaking

tunes maroon 5 look at that even the

display is working so there you are

the RDS radio we freaking did that

it's unlocked it plays okay

look at that that's what I'm talking

about now we have to so do you guys that

freak in charge 45 to 90 dollars to do

that I just did that it took me not

even five minutes get the radio out it

was like a seven millimeter three seven

millimeter bolts the cover pops off you

have a plug on the plug you can plug the

antenna you take the stupid cover off

that pops right off with a screwdriver

then you take this little song

here and he took off that chip that's

this check right there

- duck little freaking check solve

that's how you get it done guys if you

need customer technical support for this

project you guys know how to get a hold

of me later