Garmin GPS Device Hard Reset


this video will explain how to reset or

hard reboot your Garmin device if your

device is experiencing non connectivity

issues please note that the hard reset

will erase your custom data such as

vehicle names and personal settings be

sure to backup your device prior to

rebooting to back up your personal data

from the Garmin device download Basecamp

from WWE Garmin comm forward slash

Basecamp to your computer connect your

Garmin device to the computer and open

base cabin right click on my collection

and choose the send to option highlight

my collection and click OK your data has

been saved to reset the Garmin device

turn off the device by pressing the

power button on the top of the device

when the unit is off press your finger

to the bottom right corner of the screen

and continue holding while pressing the

power button a prompt will appear on the

screen confirming data reset click yes

your device has been reset now connect

your garmin device to the computer and

open Basecamp to transfer the backup

data back to the device right click on

my collection and select send to

highlight the device from the devices

list and click OK the data has been

restored back on your garbage if the

issue persists please contact Garmin

technical support at one eight six six

four two nine nine two