How to Unlock Your Garmin GPS : GPS Tutorials

now I want to talk to about how to

unlock your Garmin GPS now if I click on

the power button up here

our GPS automatically turns on as you

can see there was no need to unlock this

GPS and the reason is is because it

automatically assumes that we are in a

car because we have it mounted to a

piece of glass or it thinks that it's

mounted to a dashboard and it's very

intuitive and it knows that we're in a

car we don't need to have it locked

because the locking mechanism on this

Garmin the Garmin Nuvi 2595 LMT model is

more for like pocket dialing or you know

so it doesn't go off in your briefcase

if you tend to take it in somewhere and

it starts talking to you in the middle

of a meeting or something so what

happens is if you dismount it from the

car mount okay and then you push the

power button off now let's say you go

into your meeting yadda-yadda-yadda

when you go to resume and you click the

power button again there we go it's

going to turn on locked because it knows

now that you're in handheld mode you're

carrying it around it's got a sensor in

there so now in order to unlock it it's

really simple all you got to do is

double tap DoubleTap the lock and there

you go you're back in business now again

if we were to go ahead and mount this

turn the power off it knows now that

we're mounted in a vehicle click the

power button again see it's not going to

be locked it has to be off of the mount

in order to lock so if you're wanting to

lock it click the button a single time

it puts it in standby put it in your

pocket put it in the case put it in your

briefcase and you'll know that if you

accidentally turned it on see it's

locked it's not going to turn on you

have to manually push the button twice

in order to get it to turn on so at

least you know that you're safe from it

going off inside of a meeting or

something like that