10 Best Unlockables in Video Games You Can't PAY To Unlock

remember working really hard to unlock

really cool stuff in video games man

those were the days there were so many -

and some of them are more recent than

you'd expect today we're looking at ten

of our favorite traditional unlockables

in video games starting off at number 10

we have the Hadouken and sure you can

weapons that you can unlock in Megaman X

1 and 2 to get these awesome Street


Easter eggs as Megaman weapons you need

to complete an infamous challenge get

all the upgrades that kill yourself 5

times at the end of armored armadillos

level then you get the iconic hand blast

from Street Fighter hell yeah

can sure you can is a little easier in

Megaman X - you just need to find an

incredibly well hidden path with all the

upgrades it's worth of though just to

see these little ways at Capcom

references other games under their

umbrella and they still do it in their

games today next up let's talk about

dead space - and the foam finger of

death weapon this hand cannon is

actually badass beat the game on the

hardest difficulty which is hardcore

mode to get this ridiculously silly but

ridiculously powerful gun I'm glad we

decided to put this on the list because

it's probably one of the best examples

of a fun old-school unlock that is

literally nothing more than a flex sure

it doesn't need ammo but can literally

explode enemies but really it's about

being a stupid thing that is funny and

makes it happy and that's the biggest

reward right the standard fire is called

bang bang and the secondary fire is

called pew pew pew

you know this because Isaac says it as

he fires its unlimited ammo like I said

but it's also got a pretty decent area

of effect and Splash Damage but no real

reticle for aiming at stuff that's

further away but the range is

technically pretty unlimited it seems

also mainly attacking with it is just as

powerful this thing is totally dumb and

goofy but it's also something you get to

really enjoy the fruits of because you

earned it Dead Space 2 is not easy

especially on the higher difficulties

moving on to number 8 when you complete

all 120 shrines in breadth of the wild a

special location will unlock with links

original gear it's one of the best armor

sets in the game and it's awesome

because again it's links original gear

you can kind of replicate the look

throughout the game but

you want the real [ __ ] like 100%

authentic [ __ ] you got to unlock this

it's not the hardest thing to ask

because doing the shrines is a ton of

fun and one of the best aspects of the

game but there are some damn tricky ones

either way though this gear set is

really cool to have for obvious reasons

it's very bold of them to essentially

make the classic real link look to be an

end of the game thing like you're

signing up for a Zelda game and you

pretty much want to look like link from

the start usually right not here but I

think it paid off because earning the

full classic link here is that much more

satisfying coming in at number 7 the

resin Evil 2 remake

really takes things a step further in a

good way with the hidden tofu missions

after beating the game you unlock forth

Survivor mode and beating that difficult

mode which isn't the easiest if you

unlock a series of tofu missions these

are great because they're even more

challenging and give you a ton more

replay value tofu has been a legendary

unlockable from the early days of the

original PlayStation 1 resonable - and

to see him get his chance to shine here

really really made me happy as an

old-school fan I can't believe I got

this far without acknowledging that tofu

himself is actually a giant hunk of tofu

this is similar to a few other bits on

this list where the unlockable really

serves as a big ridiculous flex over

anything else it doesn't even make sense

that zombies would want to take a bite

out of tofu but I guess hey whatever

right and at number 6 you probably know

about this one but it's a cool recent

one that we love in the newest God of

War collecting a series of special

stones throughout the world powers up a

special gauntlet giving Kratos an

increasingly powerful energy blast this

was something that people slowly

discovered almost as a cool side

objective a few days after the game was

released and it was a really nice

surprise that basically have a side

quest where you can build a damn

Infinity Gauntlet you probably know

exactly how this works because everyone

and their mother has seen a vendor's

infinity war an endgame by now the story

of a big purple man who bedazzles a

magic pimp glove to destroy the world or

something like that

and at number five normally you're stuck

on the ground in final fantasy 15 but if

you complete the game and complete a

convoluted completely secret series of

random quests hidden in certain parts of

the map you can craft a special upgrade

for the car allowing you to transform

and giving you complete control you'll

actually be able to take off and fly

around the map and was totally awesome

eventually the game did add all sorts of

options for the car like the ability to

drive it offroad

but in the early Final Fantasy 15 days

getting this flying car was a huge deal

the flying car is a great unlock because

it's earned traditionally and it

actually changes up the game quite a bit

sure it may break it a little bit but

it's such a drastically unexpected thing

after finishing that it really comes as

a nice surprise if you never got to

experience as I recommend going back and

checking it out if you did play Final

Fantasy 15 close to launch it's got so

so much more added to it now I think it

warrants revisiting the game and a big

part of that is seeing all the vehicle

stuff you may have missed moving on to

number 4 the 2002 spider-man movie

licensed game wasn't as good as the

legendary spider-man 2 game but it did

have a cool surprise unlock instead of

playing as normal spider-man you can

unlock the ability to play as a Green

Goblin in this older spider-man title

instead of web-slinging he flies around

on a glider that launches an array of

weapons at enemies making him play

completely different he adds his own

special second story mode to although

it's not much to write home about and

technically you're playing as Harry

Osborn not Norman

it's weird anyway to unlock him you beat

the game on hero difficulty and then you

got him or just use a gameshark it's

that simple but it's worth it flying

around on the glider is almost as much

fun as the antiquated swinging around

mechanics that game had but really that

must have taken a long time to build in

a whole other playable character with a

few differences so we commend them for

that I know it was like 18 years ago but

hey good job guys

coming in hot and number three we have

the halo 3 Hayabusa armor man this was

the armor to have in Halo 3 I remember

seeing players running around with it

and getting insanely jealous yeah the

body and shoulders are cool but it was

all about that helmet and the katana I

remember when I got it I couldn't

believe that I had

actually unlocked it it wasn't easy

either you had to unlock all the skulls

for the helmet and you also needed all

the achievements to get that katana

although I think the requirements did

change later on unlocking all the

achievements was also the way to unlock

the security helmet also known as the

marathon helmet because it was a helmet

from bungees first game marathon but

yeah this armor was definitely the

coolest unlockable armor in Halo 3 and I

kind of really hope that it pops back up

again in Halo Infinite moving on to

number two meddler games have always had

cool unlockable starting with stuff like

the infinite ammo bandana and the

stealth camo Metal Gear Solid Metal Gear

Solid 2 also has some really good

unlockables as well and some weird ones

I think my favorite where the wigs wigs

were unlocked by holding up soldiers and

making them shake to drop dog tags with

there being over 200 to collect

collecting a certain amount unlock

certain wigs and each wig has a

different ability tied to it there's a

brown one that gives you infinite ammo

an orange one that gives you infinite

grip and the blue one that gives you

infinite two there was stealth camo to

unlock too obviously but the wigs always

stood out as an interesting way to bring

back the infinite bandana but make it

work for riding there's also the shaver

unlockable which is something you could

only find at harder difficulties like

right in the beginning of the plant

chapter and you hold on to it until you

meet Plissken and riding gives it to him

and for the rest of the game Plissken or

snake is clean shaven for the rest of

the game just some normal weird-ass

Kadima [ __ ] you know finally at number

one we have Goldeneye for speedrunning

levels in ridiculously short amounts of

times you'd earn cheat codes for

Goldeneye on n64 and these cheats were

legendary dude and generally did a good

job of changing up the game and making

it more funny goofy and endlessly

enjoyable some of the best ones were

donkey kong mode which was like big head

mode but with goofy gorilla arms and

bodies there is invincibility and

infinite ammo and my personal favorite

paintball mode you don't lock this one

by beating damn on secret agent in under

two minutes 40 seconds there was turbo

mode where everything moved faster there

was tiny Bond mode which pretty much

tells you what it is and yeah it's

hilarious you could also make it so all

enemies have rocket launchers I think

Goldeneye got to a point where the

cheats were so fun and game altering

than almost ever

one who had and then 64 played with at

least one cheat enabled with stuff like

Donkey Kong mode how could you not and

we've got one more for you as a bonus we

couldn't squeeze into the top ten

Final Fantasy sevens nights of the round

this is the biggest most over-the-top

and powerful summon you can get in Final

Fantasy 7 it's found on round island in

the cave that isn't on the map but isn't

too hard to find but you need a gold

chocobo to get around there or else it's

inaccessible the actual act of getting

the gold chocobo is a bit of a pain in

the ass you can go through the whole

breeding process sub game and figure out

the right combination or you can fight

the big ass optional boss emerald weapon

and receive it as part of a set from the

calm traveler it's worth it because

using it is like an oh my god moment

every night of the roundtable reimagined

in final fantasy form come on screen and

do a big awesome attack including most

importantly King Arthur who really

kicked some ass it's a very cool thing

as a young player back in the day it was

so much fun to stumble across and it's a

perfect example of the fun unlockable as

we've been talking about for the last 10

minutes and those are some of our

favourite unlockables and games but we

want to hear from you so meet us down in

the comments and let us know what you

think what are some of your favorite

unlockables whether they're from an

older or newer game and as I'm sure you

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