How to Unlock Locked Games on PS4 Gameshare 2020 STILL WORKING

what is going on guys it is here man /

14 in today guys I'm wishing us on how

to unlock a lock game if you guys

recently game shared a game from a

friend or from anybody and you download

the game and you're about to play the

game or your friends might pay the game

and you guys get a little lock on the

game right next to start I'm gonna show

you guys on how to fix that today I'm

gonna have another video coming up in my

channel on the second method I'm soaring

on that video so make sure you go ahead

and stay tuned for that video but let's

just start it so you guys are gonna go

to the start up the game and you're

actually gonna get this error message

saying that cannot use the context

contact me Oh may be used only by the

following user who has licensed rave you

want to use the content purchaser from

the play store which has it we just

gonna hit okay and from here we're gonna

hold the power button

we're gonna go to power I'm gonna go

ahead and switch users and from here you

guys are gonna go into the user that

actually has the downloaded game

although account the you guys went into

to download the game so for example this

is my friend's account

we're gonna go and go into it and you're

gonna see for his account it's not


so start up the game whichever game you

guys want to play i put modern warefare

but you can put any game that you guys

that I don't wanna play your account so

go ahead and press start as you guys

gonna see it is not locked for their

account so I just start up the game hold

the power button again going to power

and go to switch users you go back into

your account and go ahead and start up

the game as you guys might see for an

onion screen or mice name that the game

still locked but you guys can still

press X and go ahead and log into the

game so that's pretty much it guys I

hope you guys enjoyed this video and if

you guys did please guys

torence but like in the link in the

description of below make sure you guys

go ahead and check out the other video

and I wanna be having another video soon

thank you guys for watching I hope you

guys have a good day