How to Unlock the Fortnite SECRET BLACK HOLE Mini-Game (Season 11)

What is up guys chaos here

You support a creator code chaos for now if you get anything and tweet at me if you do in the shop

Even though fortnight is gone. All the websites are deleted. The discord is deleted. It's it's gone Instagram is deleted

This is what's left of the game after the event if you want to watch the event

I have the full live event raw on my channel

But if you're bored and you want something else to do there is a secret game on this screen

It's the Konami code the old school code. So on PlayStation you go up up down down left right left, right o X start and

You can play space and space invaders Galaga. I don't remember which one it is

You're a little piece of pizza and you are going to shoot der burgers and you can try to get the hiscore

There's even a derp burger boss here in a second, which I'm gonna show you guys which is pretty cool

So if you're actually worried that fortnight is gone

Don't be there just there doing what fortnight in epic do they're going all the way with this

They're making it look like the game has been deleted all your V bucks are gone. Your skins are gone

The battle bus got sucked in all that good stuff. This is the downtime for season 11

So don't stress just play this cool little der burger invader game and then it will probably come back later today

Or maybe it'll be early in the morning

I'm sure we'll get some updates and leakers will let us know but don't worry

You know look look we've got the big derp burger month. So we're gonna find any shooting pineapples and we can beat him

So I want to know what is your high score?

That you have gotten so far on at this game if you've tried it out

I don't know the xbox combo, but it's the Konami code. So just keep that in mind and I know it's circlex start on

PlayStation there you go guys little secret game

While we're in this downtime this maintenance time drop a light go check out the full replay and I'll see you soon