How to PS4 GameShare Tutorial & Unlock PS4 Games & DLC Tutorial "PS4 New Update"

what is going on guys well today I

wanted to talk about two subjects I keep

coming up in a lot of my YouTube videos

and that is one game sharing and two how

to unlock your PlayStation 4 games now

first off I wanted to talk about game

sharing because it's a really touchy

subject a lot of people don't consider

it touchy

until you get your account stolen so one

thing I wanted to talk about game

sharing if you guys want to find out how

you can get sure I have a separate video

on that just go ahead and check out my

channel I'll actually have a link in the

video description if you guys are

interested in that but today I wanted to

let you guys know and I can't stress

this enough do not game share with

anybody you do not know do not game

share with the perfect stranger

do not game share maybe with a friend at

school or a buddy at work because I've

seen and heard about it ending badly um

a lot of times what you do is you share

games to try to game share with somebody

and then they figure out oh I can change

this password and then make it into my

own account and practically steal your

account and this especially happens if

you do it over the Internet

with absolutely nobody you know just a

perfect stranger so I cannot stress this

enough do not game share with somebody

you don't know I've always recommended

this in the past if you are going to try

to game share do it with a close

relative or a very close friend friends

are a little bit more difficult to to do

this with because um family is always

going to be there friends come and go

just like anything else so again I

cannot stress this enough do not game

share with somebody you don't know now I

wanted to get into how to unlock

PlayStation 4 games a lot of people have

been asking me about this and I

I wanted to go over it as you guys can

see every single game on my playstation

4 right now is locked and there's only

two reasons why they would be locked one

um let's say rocky league for instance

this was on the PlayStation Plus instant

game collection and I downloaded it from

there now if you have downloaded games

from the PlayStation Plus instant game

collection they are only available for

you to play as long as you have

PlayStation Plus if your PlayStation

Plus expires then if you want to go

ahead and play one of the games that

you've downloaded in the instant game

collection unfortunately you will have

to renew your PlayStation Plus

subscription now the other reason why

your games might be locked is because

the games that you okay all of these

games I have purchased on my monkey flop

account as you guys can see here every

single one of these games is purchased

even the beta I didn't purchase that but

I downloaded it and all the games that

are downloaded on this PlayStation 4

were purchased from my monkey flop

account so I'm going to show you guys

really quickly it is pretty simple it's

pretty basic so I'm going to go into my

monkey flop account here and as you guys

can see all of the games are unlocked

because I am logged in to my monkey flop

account and just to show you

monkey flop is my PSN name and really

quickly all you're going to need to do

if you want to play any of these games

they need to be

then on a different account thing you're

going to need to have the account holder

active on your Playstation or so all

you're going to need to do for that is

go into settings and then go towards his

PlayStation Network in account

management boom activate as your primary

four primary PlayStation 4 are you gonna

have to do is hit that activate button

and once it is activated you can now go

back see it doesn't change anything here

and you can now go back I'll just log

out that way it's easier so you guys can

see and now you can go back to your

other account or any other account that

you'd like and the games are now

unlocked so I hope that answered most of

you guys's questions about how to unlock

the PlayStation 4 games because I'm

still getting a lot of questions about

that and I wanted to kind of make it a

little simpler for you one you want to

make sure you the account holder that

owns the games is activated on your

PlayStation 4 then anybody on your

PlayStation 4 can play those games and

have access to them now games are have

their own restrictions and and if you

guys have any questions about that let

me know in the comment section below

because that's a little bit more more in

detailed then I want to go in this video

but some some game developers have

restricted game sharing even on the same

console which is kind of ridiculous and

then too I wanted to go over game

sharing and I wanted to stress that to

you guys

so much because that is very important

don't game share with somebody you don't

know you don't want to get your account

stolen there are ways to get it back as

long as you have your personal

information on your PSN account

but you don't want to go through the

headache of all that it's not worth

trying to try to get a game because for

the most part I mean most of these games

that you're gonna want a game share with

are going to be dirt cheap pretty soon

or even on the PlayStation Plus sense

and game collection anyways guys that's

it for me if you haven't already

subscribed let me know what you guys

think about this in the comment section

below hit I like that really helps me

out and I will see you guys in the next

news update you guys are freaking