Samsung Galaxy J3 Reset forgot password screen lock , pin, pattern, face id

hi everyone I'll show you how to reset a

password on your Galaxy j-3 if you

forgot it

you forgot your password and cannot

bypass so turn the phone off if possible

the phone won't turn on on the new

software so you'll need to remove the

battery so I'll remove the battery and

then I stick it back and make sure the

phone is completely off and then once

the phone is completely off you'll need

to hold volume up on this side and then

press bar button and then home button so

all three at once while you mop then

hold the home button and then power keep

holding on till it's gonna get to this

screen and then once you see this screen

use volume up volume down to scroll to I

didn't factory reset and then press Yes

to Barban it's yes and then scroll down

is gonna delete everything your phone

everything will be gone so if you're

ready to do this started press yes and

it's gonna delete everything up the

phone now click reboot system now and

wait until it's gonna come up you'll

take some extra time to like start off

because it's just factory reset it so

it's pretty much like new foam

still taking some extra time to store it

so just wait

just did factory said that's why it's

taken with a little more time - sorry


okay hurt us finally starting

still taking some extra time okay here

it is as you can see pretty much just

like new phone

you'll get stock if ya google lock but

it's gonna there's gonna be you'll need

to set up all this stuff pretty much

just like in your form it is this one

doesn't have Google log so it's by


okay here this just like a new phone

thanks for watching and bye bye