Forgot Passcode - Pin - Password Hack: Unlock Your Samsung Phone NO RESET

what's going on guys keep it with the

view dork you see my computer screen you

also see my mobile phone now what I'm

gonna share with you was a life hacked

on how to bypass or unlock your phone

whether it is password protected pin

protected whatever the case may be now

the reason why I'm doing this video is

because a lot of us get caught up using

a fingerprint scanner iris scanner

whatever the case and sometimes if we

drain our battery and then it has to

restart we're asked for a pin or a

password to unlock and we're like WTF I

just used my fingerprint or I just use

my beautiful blue eyes to unlock the

phone what the hell do I do

how do i unlock my phone now this also

tends to happen if you do a system

update and every starch and it is

requiring a pin or a passcode upon

restart again we take these things for

granted sometimes we can be forgetful

I'm gonna show you guys how to unlock

your phone without having to reset it

and lose all your data your precious

pictures text messages everything now

ladies please use this tactic

responsibly especially if you have

access to your man's email fellas if you

just started dating her on Valentine's

Day you're only a weekend time to change

your password because I promise you she

already has it so let me just show you

how easy and simple this is we're gonna

save your data we're gonna unlock your

phone and we're gonna save you a lot of

headaches alright now when you buy a

Samsung device or you register your

Samsung device it will ask you in the

prompts if you want to register a

Samsung Account this nine times out of

ten if we do this without thinking but

now I'm going to show you the benefits

of why we did this in the beginning okay

so what we're gonna do is go to find my

mobile samsung calm right now this does

more than just find your phone I'm gonna

show you guys that in a second we're

simply going to go ahead and sign in I'm

to log in and I'm not a robot okay so we

are signed in whoa my password is wrong

uh-oh I'm not a robot sign in okay now

that we are signed in right you will see

the last location of your phone the

phone as you can see is showing a

notification that has been found I'm

going to blur my location for privacy

purposes but yeah you guys can see that

notification that my phone was found we

have a bunch of cool features here such

as ring my device and there you go

device is ringing this is great if you

were at a friend's party partied a

little too hard tonight before or maybe

you had a bar a club allowance but ever

lost your phone hopefully there's some

honest people out there that would

answer and let you know where your phone

is right

again you could find it through the

location but if somebody has your phone

you could definitely want to talk with

them you have other options such as lock

the device we're trying to unlock it

though we have back up my device wipe my

device so if you do not have your phone

password protect it you can go ahead and

delete all the incriminating evidence of

you partying a little bit too hard and

keep those photos out of Instagram all

right we're going to go ahead and click

more you have extend battery life

retrieve logs

Sekhar Tian's here we click unlock my

device now what's gonna happen is once

you unlock your device you're going to

have to reset your PIN your fingerprint

your Irish

your password whatever the case may be

this is going to wipe everything we're

gonna go ahead and click this and as you

can see with this prompt here it says

you can unlock all secure locks remotely

when you forget your screen lock pin

password or pattern etc if you use this

function all screen lock information pin

password pattern

fingerprint iris is Isetta on your

device will be deleted

enter your Samsung password I already

have it saved and I'm simply going to

click unlock and there you go the phone

is unlocked I hope you guys enjoyed this

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