2019, Free Unlock Samsung Galaxy, All Model, Without Root, Without Computer

hello guys, today

I'll show you a different method for unlock any samsung galaxy Android phone for this method

No need any computer or laptop

It's totally free

Without any cost you can try this process

Now follow my video step by step and unlock it from your home

don't skip any part.

Okay, now final process is start

now remove my local SIM card

we SIM card

Before show network unlock pin. This is sim card. This is my local sim card

Okay. Now I am showing another SIM card

this is

special SIM card

for samsung phone unlocking

This is Vodafone SIM card

so you can

Call him

this SIM card

Then try and lock process

If you not found this sim card, then you can use and try

Any country roaming SIM card?

which SIM card is roaming activated

Okay. Now I am inserting my sim card in this Phone.

And need to restart


Those settings

Change network

only 2g

Okay, when select on the only to G then wait or you can search metal

Nominally searching

Okay now showing my country

Same network name now. I'm selecting 1c network

Okay, this is registered

You not register then

You can try your country network one by one

When you start metal salty

When showing




network operator selected

When all is ready then you need to go back

Now koala start

For this myth over you need a special


with number is toll-free or

You can call customer care number

Which customer care number is?

Include their website you can work and spend time

So now I am trying to spend five minute for calling

Now showing


No need any talk

Just wait

Watch time

When complete 5 minute

Now I am silently waiting

Non-intuitive talking

Okay already want to get us now

When this hunted one then you need to try again cold

So don't worry if you call disconnected or Holland

You need just 300 second

Okay, don't OD coral int

Already 3-minute pass now. I am trying to again call and

Now only need two minutes for complete five minute. So now

do it for

2 minute

Okay, our dominant complete

donut complete done

Before our three-minute complete not dominant. Okay call five minutes spending

now I

Will try to disconnect one call in now

Because our five minute complete now

Details have

Before three-minute and right now too many total of five minutes

Okay now

Remove roaming sim card

Okay, Romek SIM card is removed and local SIM card

Okay, no, it's not same and

Check your network, okay?

Finally over unlock is done network swing now change settings

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