How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10+ / S10e - Fast and Simple!

what's up guys crew sent here and today

I have a very short video for you guys I

got my Samsung Galaxy S 10 and it's

currently locked it has two locks I'm

gonna show you how to redo both of them

number one first you have the passcode

unlock and then you have the carrier

unlock the passcode unlock is if you

forgot that security code or the pattern

is not working so I'm gonna show you how

to bypass or how to restore your phone

to the so that you have access to your

phone again and then I'm going to show

you how to do the carrier unlock that's

in case you want to switch providers so

let's say you have your phone with AT&T

and you want to use it with another SIM

card like t-mobile or if you want to

travel you just want to pop in a SIM

card and it will work

so I'm gonna show you how to do the

carrier unlock we're gonna start first

with the passcode unlock and then we're

gonna switch to the carrier and lock if

you're interested only on the carrier

and luck let's go ahead and skip to this

minute because that's where we start

with the carrier unlock okay so we're

gonna start with a passcode or their

security unlock so the passcode unlock

is if you forgot the code or the pin

code or your face IDs start working so

I'm just gonna show you how to unlock or

how to do a factory hard reset on your

samsung galaxy s 10 to be able to use it

again keep in mind that all the

information about this phone will be

deleted so that means pictures data

contacts everything will be gone if

you're lucky you will have a backup in

your computer or in the cloud but

otherwise all the information about this

phone will be completely wiped and the

last thing that I have to mention is

that if your phone is locked with a

Google account you will not be able to

access the phone because it will remain

locked with Google so just keep that in

mind alright so with that said let's

begin so ignore this part if you don't

know the passcode that's okay we're

gonna press and hold the power button

and we're gonna press restart as soon as

we press restart we're gonna press and

hold the side button the volume up key

and the power button so these three keys

are exactly the same time so just keep

pressing and holding them until you get

the android logo so as you can see here

I just got this menu right here


to the system and now we just need to

use the volume up key and the volume

down key to navigate and we're gonna use

this the power button to select all

right so we're gonna select where it

says wipe data/factory reset'

we're gonna hit OK to confirm you're

gonna hit yes and we're gonna hit OK all

right that's gonna wipe the whole phone

so everything about this phone will be

completely wiped

now we're gonna click where it says

reboot system now and we're gonna hit

yes all right that's gonna completely

wipe the phone it's gonna take a few

seconds or a few minutes but just be

very patient and once this process is

completely done you will be able to use

your phone again you're gonna get it

you're gonna see this original settings

just as if when you got it completely

new so there you have it guys now with

the phone is fully usable as you can see

here I can access it and there's no

problem the phone is now unlocked and

now it can be used with without any

trouble all right so first we're gonna

start with a carrier unlock I'm gonna

show you step-by-step how to do it but

I'm gonna try to explain everything as

clear as possible all right so the first

thing you have to keep in mind is that

your phone will be unlocked that means

your phone will be compatible with any

carrier like t-mobile metro pcs our if

you travel to any country your phone

will work

you just gotta insert a SIM card and you

will be good to go now there are a few

things that you need to consider number

one your phone must not be stolen so if

there's a problem with your IMEI number

or if your phone has a report as lost or

stolen your phone won't be able to we

won't be able to unlock your phone and

this unlock is permanent so you can

restore update you can switch carriers

you can do whatever you want with your

phone and it will always remain unlocked

and the last thing is this doesn't

matter if your phone is currently under

contract or if you or your your contract

is fully paid doesn't matter you will be

able to unlock your phone all you need

to watch your samsung galaxy is a

computer your phone and a SIM card by

the way guys unlocking a phone is not

free so we will have to pay something to

unlock this phone but it's worth every

penny to have a fully factory unlocked


alright so with that said let's begin so

the first thing you have to do is to get

your phone's IMEI number to do that

simply dial star hash zero six hash

alright as you can see here you will get

your 15 digit IMEI number this is super

important all right so just keep in mind

that we're gonna use only the first 15

digits so keep it somewhere close

because we're gonna need it in a few

seconds to unlock this Samsung Galaxy ok

so now I'm gonna switch cameras I'm

gonna use a computer because the rest of

the process will take place in a

computer okay so we're gonna go to the

website unlockriver.com in this website

we will request the unlock code to

unlock this phone so we're gonna start

by selecting the original carrier that

your phone is currently locked to in

this case my phone is currently locked

to AT&T in the United States ok then

we'll select the brand of the phone

we're gonna try to unlock his Samsung

Samsung Galaxy and then we will select

the model in this case we will be

unlocking a Samsung Galaxy S 10 alright

sometimes you will see different

services premiums at premium service

which is a little bit faster and a

little bit more expensive and you will

also see a more economic service but in

this case we only see one service so

this method will also work for the

samsung galaxy s 10 s 10 plus and s 10 e

ok someone is like this one and then I'm

gonna insert the 15-digit IME number

right here we have to insert it does the

number we got a few seconds ago make

sure it is a hundred percent correct

right very important and then you're

gonna write down your personal email

where you want to receive your unlock

code so they will send you your unlock

code to this email double-check it make

sure it is 100% correct and so so yeah

just double check it it's optional to

write down your mobile number if you

want to get mobile notifications but I'm

just gonna skip that for now so if you

scroll down you will see the price to

unlock your phone and then delivery time

this will always vary depending on your

phones brand carrier and model in this

case this is the price and this is that

waiting time keep in mind that it's

business days so be very patient

this may always change

all right we're gonna hit unlock now and

on the following page just read all the

important information that you can see

right here don't worry it is everything

is safe your warranty won't be voided in

fact there are only positive things then

you can get out of this unlock so we're

gonna scroll down and I'm gonna place my

order and I'll be back once I have

completely placed my order so if you

place your order successfully you will

get a confirmation page just like this

and it basically confirms that the order

was placed and now it will tell you

where you will receive your unlock code

and your order ID and in this case I

have to wait 1 2 3 business days so

that's all you have to do for now is

wait you have to wait until you get your

unlock code in your email so it may take

a couple of days so be very patient

alright so this is an email example of

how you will get your unlock code so you

will get an email from lock River with

your order ID and it also includes

instructions on how to enter the unlock

code and the most important part is the

actual unlock code so this is my unlock

code and this will only work one time

for one specific phone so we're going to

go ahead and insert this unlock code

into the phone to unlock it so I'm gonna

switch cameras right now ok so when you

have your unlock code ready we're gonna

go ahead and power up the phone alright

so now we have to insert a SIM card from

a different carrier in this case I'm

gonna use a carrier a t-mobile SIM card

because my phone is locked to AT&T and I

want to use it with t-mobile so I'm

going to insert a new SIM card and then

I'm gonna power it on and once your

phone turns on it will detect that it's

from a non-supported SIM card and we

will have to insert the unlock code that

we just got in the email alright so as

you can see here I just got this message

and requesting an unlock code in order

to unlock the network of the phone ok so

I'm just gonna go ahead and insert the

code that I got in my email alright so

after you have filled in the code we're

gonna go ahead and click unlock and we

should get a success message seem

network unlock successful perfect guys

that means that the phone was

successfully unlocked and now I can use

my phone with any carrier I just to show

you if you can see here I have t-mobile

and it's fully working I don't know if

you can see it right there

but the phone is working it's an AT&T

phone working with a t-mobile SIM card

and now it's fully ready to be used with

any other carrier in any country so it

is as simple as that guys thank you so

much for watching this video

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