How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

hi everyone Aaron here for Zolo Tech and

I wanted to show you how to unlock the

Samsung Galaxy s7 edge this is actually

locked to AT&T and what unlocking will

allow us to do is actually use it with

any GSM carrier worldwide once you

unlock it it stays unlocked permanently

the first thing we need to do in order

to do this is get the IMEI code and we

do that by going to the phone dialer so

we'll grab the code and we put in star

pound zero six pound and once we have

the code what we need to do is bring

that over to a website that allows us to

unlock it I'm using the unlocking

company comm so let me show you that now

now we're at the unlocking company comm

and we need to put in a couple pieces of

information in order to get our unlock

code so the first thing we want to do is

put in the manufacturer and you can see

here I've selected Samsung then we need

to put in our phone model and in this

case it's a galaxy s7 edge so we'll

scroll down until we find galaxy s7 edge

unlock code and then we'll go ahead and

hit get unlocking code now there at this

page we need to put in the country we

purchase the phone from so we'll go

ahead and put in the United States and

then in the United States these are the

carriers that we can choose from we'll

go ahead and select AT&T for this phone

then we need to put in the IMEI that we

got earlier now that we have the IMEI in

place let's go ahead and hit get

unlocking code and you'll see this price

is $44.99 and the delivery is one to six

hours this can vary depending on what

carrier and what country it's purchased

from so we'll go ahead and hit get

unlocking code now there were this page

we can go ahead and pay and then we'll

get a confirmation email after a few

hours you can see this is one to six

hour delivery time here we should get an

email back with the actual code we need

to input so let me show you how that

works now once you submit everything to

the unlocking company and you get your

unlock code back via email what you'll

need to do is actually unlock the phone

now in order to do that we're going to

power down the phone we'll take the SIM

card out and put an on AT&T SIM card in

here and that will prompt us to actually

enter the unlock code for it to unlock

so now that it's off we'll grab our our

sim card tool

I'll take the SD card out for now once

we have that we can just put in a

t-mobile card or whatever you have gsm

will go ahead and boot the phone back up

you can see it's an AT&T phone so it'll

boot up and then it will prompt us for

the unlock code that we got so we'll

grab the code from the unlocking company

and place it in here and we'll

permanently unlock the phone

you can see it pops up and says enter

your network unlock code because we have

a non registered SIM card so I've got

the email with my unlock code so I'll go

ahead and put that in now now you want

to be careful because if you put this in

ten times wrong you can never unlock it

again so make sure you put those numbers

in properly

now that the unlock codes in there we'll

go ahead and hit done and hit unlock now

it's unlocked successfully and we can

use it on any GSM carrier worldwide so

let me turn off Wi-Fi and show you that

it works you'll see right here we have

4G LTE we've got a couple bars and we're

on t-mobile if I go to networks you'll

see it says t-mobile so I'll go to a

webpage here I have my webpage up and if

I tap on this I'm not on Wi-Fi right now

and you'll see it loads just fine so

it's really nice you can unlock it and

again use it on any GSM carrier

worldwide and it will stay unlocked

again I use the unlocking company comm

but if you have any questions or

comments let me know in the comments

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thanks for watching this is Erin I'll

see you next time