How to Pick a Lock | Step-by-Step Tutorial

has this ever happened to you all the

doors in your house are securely locked

and you lost a damn spare key leaving

you to crawl through a window like some

sort of sneak thief in the night well

you're in luck because that deadbolt on

your door isn't as secure as it looks

and with the right tools and a bit of

practice even you could learn how to

pick locks and gain entrance into

anyone's house

hi I'm rusty cage and today I'm going to

show you just how easy it is to pick a

lock inside a standard lock such as this

one that you might find on your front

door there are six spring-loaded pins

being pushed down onto six more pins

that holds the key slot or plug in place

and keeps it from turning each of the

bottom pins are of a different length

that coincide with the ridges on a key

so whenever you put in the right key the

pins are raised up or lowered to become

flush this frees the lock and allows the

plug to be turned but if the wrong key

is inserted the pins push up too far or

not enough and this secures the plug and

keeps it from turning well this is where

your lock picking set comes in handy now

before we continue I think I'm legally

required to say something about how

carrying the lock pick set in some

states without a permit might be illegal

I don't know I didn't check the laws so

you definitely should so don't come

running to me blah blah blah anyways

back to the lock so a basic lockpick set

comes with several picks of various

shapes in a tension rod the picks are

used to push up on the pins until

they're all flush some of the picks will

push up multiple pins at once while

others are used for finessing single

pins at a time which tool you use all

depends on the lock that you're trying

to pick and how comfortable you are

using the picks so as you see here when

I push up on one of the pins what the

hell they just fall back down yeah well

that's where you use the tension rod

with one hand put the short end of the

tension rod into the bottom of the key

slot then apply a slight turning


the idea is to apply just enough

pressure so that whenever you push up on

the pins it will get caught in the flush

position this takes a lot of practice to

get right because too much pressure and

the pins will get stuck too far but to


pressure and they won't catch in a

position at all so for all of you who

forgot your ADHD medication and couldn't

pay attention let's review one two sets

of pins of all different lengths get

pushed down into the plug too when the

sets of the pins are all flushed the

plug will turn three use a tension rod

and apply slight turning pressure to the

lock for use the picks to push up on the

pins until they all catch in the flush

position and voila the lock opens and

the treasure is yours now in my

experience picking a lot can take

anywhere between 20 seconds in a few


listen I'm no locksmith so there's been

times where I've been locked out of my

house for several hours before I was

able to pick the lock and get inside but

also listen again I am no locksmith and

on one of my first attempts I picked my

front door lock in like 20 seconds

seriously watch how easy it is to open

this deadbolt you think your house is

nice and secure all locked up and tight

but then some [ __ ] like me comes

along with the pick set and almost zero

experience and unlocks your door like

it's nothing I mean look at this it took

me 16 seconds to do it

that's why they call them deadbolt

because anyone can break into your house

and kill you

shame on you quick set you fall security

giving liars shame so there you have it

friends the official rusty cage guide to

picking a lock if you follow these

simple steps even a chump like you can

become a master thief I mean a master

locksmith stealing is bad if you enjoyed

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becoming a burglar thanks for watching

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tool the magical bump key