How to Pick a Bedroom Door Lock

have you ever locked yourself out of a

room and the door lock has one of those

little holes in the middle not really a

key how do you get in those well I want

to show you how to do that in this video

so you've got your standard door and

this is the kind of doorknob and talked

about just got the little hole in the

middle not very big so how do you get

into those those rooms from the doors

locked and does it have a key

well one thing you can use is a little

we need flat-head screwdriver

these are used for like repairing

glasses or glass frames

I think electronic alert so let's see on

Days unit they have on different sizes

so I'm going to get one that just fits

inside the hole there's a little polar

rod in there it has a groove in the

Flathead just sits in tune or slides

into so you stick it in there and that

groove turn the screwdriver you can lock

in and lock it that way and then

in the logs and that's all you do really


all you need is a little slighted

screwdriver and you can get in those you

can unlock those kind of locks so I hope

this was helpful and thanks for watching

this video have any comments or

questions leave those below have a great