How to unlock a twist lock door knob

hello everyone so Sami showing us how to

pick a lock with this sort of lock now

the first thing you have to know about

these locks is how they work so I'm

going to show you how these actually

work on standard door handles you have a

pushing lock which all you have to do is

stick something inside of it and then it

will push this back and you will unlock

the door

but what these it's different so I'm

going to draw a visual example for you

just so you get the idea so what is in

this is what we're trying to figure out

the inside of that mechanism basically

looks like this where it's a square so

basically what you have to do is you

have to twist it in a way you get

something in there you need to twist it

because it makes sense because this

twists so what I have here is I have a

broken glasses frame and as you can see

this part of the and it is sort of like

a screwdriver head almost but it has

that sort of square thing that were

looking for so here's what we're going

to do so I need to be in this position I

turn it one of the other two ways so

let's go

just stick it in hot silver voila so in

the end all you need is something I'll

actually fit into the hole in doorknob

and something it has a sort of square

flat tip on it well that concludes this

video thank you so much for watching if

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