perhaps this has happened to you and you

didn't know how to remedy it maybe your

toddler locks you out and you are

outside the door so now you're locked

outside your bedroom and your baby's in

there you're top of it in there and you

can't get it out fortunately you have a

key that came with your door set so I'm

gonna show you real quick how to unlock

it so basically you want to go in insert

the key into the hole now this one I try

to put it at about a 90 degrees the flat

part you might have to turn it a little

bit just this make sure you insert it

straight and then you can move it around

until it you can feel it fit right in

there okay and then you simply rotate it

to the left counterclockwise and you can

open your door all right so once again

you can also lock it this way just

basically put the key insert the key and

turn it until it catches so sometimes if

you go off to the side it's gonna go in

too far okay you want to make sure it

maintains a low maintain it level press

it in and then rotate it slightly until

it catches right there it's caught now

if I turn it

it's going to

I see that it's gonna lock the door and

likewise we can't unlock the door

so lock unlocked make sure you maintain

a level when you put it in and then just

rotate it until it catches in into place

there and you can turn it okay thanks

for watching