Just locked my self out of my dodge ram

what's going on guys I just got the

truck back sorry forgot to get that on

video again I know but uh just got the

truck back mm-hmm

we are going to install the PCM and well

that's really close we're gonna install

the PCM and the tuner again they didn't

find anything wrong with the truck they

say it's a bit like comment on the coach

starts because of the hydraulic lifters

and all that most of the stuff they told

me I already knew but I just wanted to

take it in just to be sure but uh also

Paulie will not be going back to that

dealer they uh Community Connect

communication is not very good so they

tell me things and wouldn't do it but we

have her back now we're gonna install a

little token here we're gonna install

the PCM feel and the tuner along with it

so stay tuned and let's get this done

alright guys so the first step you want

to do is you're gonna need a ratchet and

a tin and then what I like to do is I

like to get a rag any any type of rag

any type of cloth anything that you can

set in between the post and the actual

connection you just take this off

this is always the first step you want

to do messing with anything electrical

sorry messing with one hand and doing

the other work but uh anything let's

cool always want to disconnect the

negative and you set that there so it

has no chance of touching the negative

and getting power you don't want to

especially with the PCM you don't want

to have that connect back with the PCM

unplug something serious could really

happen and that would be some but this

right here's the PCM it is right here

behind the airbox what you'll do is

there's a bolt here and well there's one

right there also and then there's one

down there on the bottom corner see what

it is down there and you'll have to take

those three off in order to actually

take the PCM off and the way I found to

make it easier is you actually unplug

this connector and the other connector

with it first before you even take the

SEM off so there's actually uh there's

little Clips above the red lever you'll

pull that all the way up like that so it

doesn't go no more push that little red

lever in I mean they'll leave it on top

of the little button on top of the lever

and that will allow the red lever to

come up and then you just wiggle it off

and it should come straight off you

gonna repeat the process on that

connector and then from there you'll

take off the PCM all right so we got all

three bolts out there's one right there

right there and that one down there that

you couldn't see earlier which is

all right finger in there show you I

can't but it is right there on the

bottom lower left and these the

color-coordinated so you can't really

you know mess them up whenever you go to

plug them back in there gray and then

like a cream color and then great cream

color and I have you take it out and

just pull it back up this is stock one

no let's go ahead and get the unlock one

and the reason you don't I'm pretty sure

y'all know if you are looking up this

video but the reason you unlock I mean

the reason you buy the tuner with the

PCM with another PCM is because from

factory the stock PCM is a locked so you

cannot do anything turning wise to these

Chuck's so these PCM that you get are

actually unlocked and it allows you to

hook the tuner up download your stock

tune upload the tune you can eat them

I'm doing the canned tunes right now

which are the tunes that come on the

tuner and I mean by it but doing this

allows you to upload those tunes along

with actually going to get your vehicle

dyno tuned and with the stuff that I'm

wanting to do with this truck I need

this so I don't I've probably mentioned

it before but I am planning on my next

one after installing this and saving up

some money I'm actually wanting to get

long tubes from Cooks with a cat in mid

pipe and then I'm gonna leave the rest

of the exhaust the same which is you

know the delayed in muffler as I showed

you in my first video

and then after the headers you know I'll

probably do some stuff here and there

but performance wise I want to do a

poach Archer is the next step and I was

going to cam the truck but if anybody

else has looked into it correct me if

I'm wrong but from what people told me

they for a bigger cam they actually

don't make a torque converter for the

8-speed transmission on these trucks so

I can't get a bigger torque converter

I'm in a yeah I can't get a bigger

torque converter or a bigger cam because

you've got a bigger can there's not

enough vacuum within the engine to make

it shift right and it'll actually tear

up that torque converter so without a

higher stall torque converter you can't

get a bigger can you can get a

performance cam with the stock or with a

little bit bigger than stock ratios and

all that but I don't want that I want an

actual lope whenever I get a cam along

with the performance so I can't do that

right now there's a circle D is actually

making one from what I was told they're

making one it's in the making but it's

gonna be about a year so I could spend

all that money get the can get it

installed whether I do it myself or not

I want to be able to drive the truck

because of the torque converter issue

but we're gonna hold off on that for

right now we're gonna install the tuner

do the long tubes later do the

ProCharger later do some other engine

modifications that I can do that doesn't

make me have to get a different torque

converter probably a port and polish

heads and just simple stuff like that

different intake and y'all I hope y'all

are there for that journey that I'm

going to be taking this truck on so

let's reinstall the PCM the unlocked PCM

of course you don't want to reinstall

your stock one because then you want to

be able to do nothing but let's install

this unlocked PCM of course to just go

back the same way you took it out and

let's see what happens all right we got

installed now we got to do is push these


push them down to you here and click in

it's not a very loud click but you will

hear same thing with this one push it

down Hado click measure it's secured

we'll come back over here to the battery

move this out the way make sure it's

tight don't want to be driving down the

road and turns off out of you

turns off on you out of nowhere if you

do this and it turns off on you out of

nowhere this is a most likely why and I

believe I'm going the wrong way I was so

on these you don't want to go insanely

tight just because uh these the actual

post they're they're not very strong at

I believe they're like later or

something or aluminum I don't I'm not

and I'm not very sure but they are not

very very strong so uh got that in

alright so uh we're gonna try to start

it so what this says is you know every

step I just did and what you're going to

do is turn the ignition to the run

position press the start button twice

without hitting the brake you know so

you put it to the right position so if

you have a push button start not you

just turn the key to the run position

but you'll go one two that's run

everything is working properly so far

and then it says to the key should be in

the lock position and service airbag

system got to see what that's about I

see what's going

let's look at the messages those are

common because I want LED on on the

system on the light system so let's go

to messages service airbag see brake

light out that's common license plates

out that's common that's common so this

one will probably have to do is just go

in look see what it is and erase it so

turn it off let's see what happens

she goes

everything's looking good I don't know

about that radios locked still says

service airbag so I was like trying

breaking everything else is working

normal but uh I don't know let's find

out and see what this is all right guys

so the radio is still locked and I'm

still getting the airbag light and the

electric brake control system so I'm

going to call a DiabloSport on Monday

whenever they open back up because they

don't they're not open on the weekends

but we call them on Monday and I will

update you as soon as I know what's

going on and if any of y'all know what

the reason that it calls to lock my

radio and won't let me do anything

comment on the bottom let me know and

hopefully something happens toward their

works like subscribe hope see you in my

next video