iPhone Disabled -- How To Unlock Thru iTunes and PC/Laptop (Part 1)

keep it simple phone tuck here with an

installment the how-to series and we're

going to talk about how to get your

phone undeceived

disclaimer before we begin this video

please keep in mind that you're going to

hear me say this over and over again in

the video also but if you do not have a

backup through either iCloud which

iCloud if you're not familiar with that

requires a Wi-Fi connection you can

backup your phone through iCloud in your

phone settings so if you don't have a if

you don't have a backup through iCloud

and you would know if you would have

done it because you would have set it up

to make sure that it would be backed up

for you automatically or if you've never

connected to your phone to iTunes before

and have done and iTunes backup because

that's an alternative Apple has two ways

you can back your phone up I mean it's

it's awesome the way that they have it

set up but you have to make the effort

to do it

iTunes is the other method you connect

your phone to iTunes you're signing the

iTunes with your Apple ID you go through

the prompts of actually backing your

phone up so some people prefer to do it

that way so if you don't have a backup

by either of those two methods you're

going to lose your information so please

just keep that in mind but at the same

time you're going to be able to get

access to your phone again so there's an

upside to it so please keep that in mind

before we continue with this video so if

you're seeing this message then you

would have forgotten your iphone

passcode or maybe you're thinking you're

putting in the correct passcode but it's

just not going through so you get five

tries initially the plan your passcode

and then if you get it wrong the sixth

time then you'll see the iPhone that's

disabled message and it will start out

to try again in one minute then if you

miss it again try again in five minutes

if you miss it again try it again in 15

minutes and I think you basically get

from the time you first get locked out

and it says try again in one minute

you'll get ten tries

and after that tenth time if you get it

wrong from there you're going to be

locked out completely so when you're

locked out completely what do you do

well you have a couple of options to get

your phone a lot but it may or may not

be convenient depending on what

resources that you have I'm going to

show you in this video is one of those

options and that is how to connect your

phone to iTunes using either your PC or

your laptop not going to wait for this

timeframe here I just want to show you

here for this video how to do this step

here as far as unlocking your phone

through iTunes alright first thing we're

going to need is your PC or your laptop

and you're going to need the iTunes

program and if you have the iTunes

program already on your computer or

laptop your PC or laptop you're going to

see this icon here so you're over they

have a delta installed you don't already

have iTunes installed then you'll want

to go to iTunes comm so open up your

internet browser and type in iTunes comm

from here you're going to screen it look

something like this and you want to

going to click on where it says download

and blue in the upper right not quite

the corner there but you'll see that

where it says download right from there

where it says download now you'll click

on that next of course you can choose

those two little check marks where if

you want the itunes updates or going to

be kept up to date about other Apple

products since I already have the

program on my computer from there

basically you're just downloading and

installing so hopefully you're familiar

with that process but if not just follow

the prompts you'll see it's going to

take you to the steps of course you're

going to want to have an internet

connection also I didn't mention that

here in the beginning but you you have

to have a high-speed internet connection

in order to be able to complete this

step here also in unlocking your phone

when it's disabled so please keep that

in mind you have to have

a high-speed Internet connection as well

as the iTunes program installed on your

computer all right once you have the

program downloaded and installed if it's

the first time and since it would be the

first time actually since you've

downloaded installed it you should get

some sort of prompt asking for your

Apple ID now this is a part that's

thumbs love my customers because not

only will they forget their passcode but

then they won't know anything about

their Apple ID so hopefully you have

that information if you do not there's a

specific website it is I forgot

apple.com and you can follow those steps

to hopefully retrieve your either your

Apple ID or your password for your Apple

ID but you'll want to have the same

Apple ID you're going to be signing in

that is with the same Apple ID to iTunes

as what is on the phone that you are

trying to unlock now if you already have

the iTunes program on your computer like

I did you're already signed in and so

you're just going to go right to this

screen here like when you open up the

iTunes program is just going to take you

to well one of these screens within

iTunes it's going to open up the program

it's not going to ask you for your Apple


all right next step we're going to power

off the iPhone completely that's right

we're going to power it off completely

so let's go ahead press and hold the

power button slide to power off wait

about 10 to 15 seconds maybe 20 seconds

it'll be off completely

next take your USB lightning cable that

Apple provided you

plug into the charging port and then

plug in to any open USB port on your PC

inline it's kind of my pcs going to bury

underneath my desks on down here but

this is one open port that I can easily

access so go ahead and plug in that in

oddly enough sometimes will happen when

you first plug it in is that your iPhone

will automatically turn back on that's

what happened in this case for me so

we're going to go ahead and turn it off

again if your phone turns back on

because again my phone just

automatically turned on and brought me

back to this iPhone is disabled screen

if yours phone is turned off great but

otherwise let me turn this off again

okay may also see a little pop-up

message when you first connect your

phone to your computer within the iTunes

program that on your phone but on the

itunes program and it will say something

like your phone has been locked out


etc etc so just go ahead and ignore that

message because we already know that

your phone is locked out and that's why

we're doing these steps ok so we have

our iPhone connected to our PC we have

the iTunes program we're signed into

with their Apple ID and we have our

iPhone turned off in fact let's just

double check it I'll press on the home

button and it's definitely turned off

all right so here's what we do now we're

going to press and hold the home button

we're going to hold the home button

until we see something special on the

screen here and it will also see

something on our PC screen while we're

holding the home button we're going to

press and hold the power button let's

just hold them both we're hoping to see

on the phone is a little iTunes symbol

with a little lightning cable symbol

keep holding it

so you can see it takes a little while

perfect that's what we're looking for

you can let go of those two buttons and

this is a screen that you should see

here on iTunes on your PC or laptop now

let's put that in focus and a pop up

message it talks about we see an iPhone

that requires to be updated or restored

and so you just want to go ahead and

click on restore this little pop-up

message now please keep in mind I didn't

mention this in the beginning but if you

did not have your phone backed up before

then you're going to lose your

information so if you never come back up

your contacts backed up your pictures

etc all that's going to be erased but

the good news is is that you'll be able

to use your phone again we'll have a

halt to video on that topic as far as

how to back those things up on your

iPhone but in the meantime let's go

ahead and restore and update apparently

my phone needs an update also so that's

like I might have both options you may

just have the restore option but that's

what we're looking for is to restore the


I'll go ahead and click next you may not

get this but apparently I miss an update

on my phone here so go ahead and agree

okay from here we're just waiting so

this is what I'm seeing on the screen

right now just as iTunes downloading the

software for this iPhone and restore

once the download is complete that could

take a while so just be prepared for

that and just to show you what you'll

see on the iPhone will really not much

same thing we looked at before when we

initially got into this recovery mode in

the upper right corner of the itunes

program that looks like about the only

indication that something's going on oby

caught that because it disappeared it

was a little circle going around in the

round show I like there's something

going on and you can see at the top

there in the middle it talks about

extracting software so you'll know that

there's something going on at least

anyways just add this step here because

it happened to pop up on my computer if

you see anything like this the iPhone

could not be restored and unknown here

and it gives you an error code click on

more info it's going to tell you what's

going on in my case I did not have the

latest version of iTunes so what I'm

going to do is go ahead and install that

right now and then we'll be able to

complete this process otherwise if you

have the latest if you have the latest

iTunes you're not going to run into this

problem in case you do run into the

problem that same error message that I

got which in my case was error message

number 14 if you want to update iTunes

of course have the iTunes program open

and signed in to it click on help click

on check for updates and you'll get that

pop up there and just click on download

iTunes and go from there alright so

while that is installing I do apologize

for that but maybe it will help folks at

least that run into this same problem as

they're trying to go through the process

of restoring their iPhone

we're going to let this do its thing I

think would have to restart my computer

once it's done so it's going to take a

little while what I'm going to do is

attempt to pick up the video from where

we left off because where we left off

the phone was supposed to be restoring

the operating system that's what it was

doing here in case I didn't mention that

or he didn't catch on to it so it was

restoring iOS to the latest version or

to the version that was on your phone I

said the latest version just in case

there is a newer version that came out

and you didn't update it yet your phone

is going to automatically install that

also but that said we'll pick it back up

at the point where the phone is starting

to restore iOS and we'll see what

happens after that point all right so

we're picking up from where we left off

earlier in the restore process now we're

actually and successfully getting the

restore process going so you will see

this on your phone it'll automatically

turn it on you'll see it's kind of

progress meter going across there while

on your computer screen you'll see it

say in the iTunes program at the top in

the middle restoring iPhone software so

you'll know what's going on if all goes

smoothly your phone is unlocked once you

see this screen because you're just back

to the welcome screen now just like it's

the first time that you started to your

phone up the first time you power it on

the first time you got it and you

started using it here you can either

detach your phone and just complete the

setup process or if you prefer and

really you would maybe just want to do

this if you know that you have an iTunes

backup that you can restore to your

phone you can go to iTunes and complete

the process go through iTunes and

complete the process as an alternative

now again I stress alternative instead

of going through the steps on the phone

directly you can also go through iTunes

to complete your setup process so when

you come to the

screen you will first sign into iTunes

you'll be prompted to do solely by using

your Apple ID and you'll see a screen

it'll say something like activate your

iPhone this is if you choose to do this

through iTunes you don't have to but if

you do your phone stays connected to

your PC you sign in with your Apple ID

you'll come to this screen here and you

have the options either set up as a new

iPhone as you see there or if you have a

backup that you can use from your iPhone

you can restore that backup