How To Reset & Restore your Apple iPhone 8 - Factory Reset

hello everyone in this video I'm gonna

be showing you how to reset and restore

your Apple iPhone 8 alright everyone so

in this video I'm gonna be showing you

how to reset your iPhone how to restore

it to factory condition so that in case

you just want to erase everything on it

and wipe it clean or if you have a

password and you forgot it or if it's

disabled and you can't get into the

phone ok I'll be showing you how to do

the reset so that there you go it's

disabled so that you can start using the

phone normal again alright so once you

have your iPhone connected to the

computer to iTunes ok you're on this

screen what you're gonna do is first

you're gonna power off the iPhone so

you're gonna press the power button to

get the power off switch here so right

after you slide to power off you're

gonna press and hold the volume down and

the power button and you're gonna

continue to hold them both all right so

let's slide the power off and press and

hold volume down and the power button

alright and we're going to continue to

hold them until the computer reads the

iPhone it's gonna take a couple seconds

and you're gonna see a connect to itunes

logo on the iPhone we're gonna get the

Apple logo first

okay and then now right after this

you'll get this which is support

apple.com slash restore alright so once

you get this you can just lay the phone

down you know keep it connected

obviously and then here we're gonna have

to go on the computer here on iTunes

you're gonna get this message that says

there's a problem with the iPhone that

requires with the Builder so here you

can hit update if you need to update the

software right now the software is

obviously the latest one so I'm just

gonna hit restore okay you might have to

download the new software on your

computer okay it's gonna take a little

while so it's going to download the

software and then it's gonna extract the

old one from the iPhone and upload the

new one into it and then that will

complete the reset process so you can

start using your phone normal again okay

so as you can see up here it's

downloading the software update it's

gonna take a little while so I'm gonna

pause and resume recording after the

update is downloaded


all right there you go your iPhone has

been restored back to factory settings

as you can see



all right so all you have to do now is

just go through the setup options here

to get your iPhone are completely set up

so you have to connect to Wi-Fi or if

you have your sim card activated in it

it will activate through your data

alright so I'm gonna go ahead and insert

my sin very quickly so we can activate

it so I can walk you through the

activation process

in this step right here you can choose

to restore so if you have an iCloud

backup you would just select that one if

you have your backup saved on iTunes you

would select that one or if you just

want to set it up as new here and also

if you want to move that over from an

Android phone you select the bottom

option alright I'm just gonna select it

as new I will not add my Apple ID and

there we go we are at the home screen so

you can begin to use your iPhone

normally again alright guys just a quick

video how to reset and restore your

iPhone 8 alright guys hope you enjoyed

this video if you did please give it a

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this so next time guys paste