iPhone Disabled Connect to iTunes How to Unlock Disabled iPhone Without Losing Data

I'm a naval guru of iPhone right now my

iPhone it's disabled so I'm going to

show you Kara Kara back to work what you

have to do is plug it in and going to

restore mode

Nariko nadia flee mode register mode

just holding holding both buttons until

you see the item up the items

it can take some time

now there you go and you see this you

have to go nikons

and click on let's just wait and click

on update just click update and it's


so I'm gonna pass the video and I'm

gonna be back once it's done as you can

see it's restoring I haven't changed the

iPhone as you can see it's the same on C

with the bubble right there you can tell

it's resorting I mean updating I'm lady

- software and I'll be back once it's

done it's almost done as you can see

well it's time so thank you all right

that's the only one I have plucked to my

computer so you're untainted you don't

think I'm doing another one just to

prove that it's it works

I knew my my passcode just add I had her

in my pocket and he put the password

many times and that's why I got it

disabled but my case you can see it's in

Spanish but okay

mmm see if we can turn see the light

it's little okay so I'm gonna slide and

then now it asked me for the password in

my case it's 0 6 6 6 and now it's

updating finishing updating

I'm not gonna pass the video any more so

you can check that I'm not lying about

this the only thing is that you only

have to wait for an update like you can

can wait until not these a new update

comes up in you know and they're only

thinking that it's only gonna work if

you put it on restore mode not give you

d fu mode so because if you put it in D

fu mode it's not going to give you the

option to update the iPhone so just

wanted to mention that is this an iPhone

5s I guess it should work with any

iPhone 5 or 5 C 6 6 plus should work

obviously I'm now it's without least

losing your data as you can see gonna go

through okay

now you can see it's asking me for the

password put the password and then it is

a update completed you can continue and

I have to select the Wi-Fi let me just

put my Wi-Fi okay my Wi-Fi just wait I

have to pass a video course on this

phone knowledge gives me five five

minutes so I'm just it's doing this

thing and as you can see it's done I

hadn't loose any any pictures or

anything like that so it's all done so I

hope you like this video and enjoy and

thumbs up thank you for watching