Directv Receiver Firmware Upgrading Step by Step with Bonus Information DTV doesn't share

tech fan productions here bring you

another video on how to upgrade your

DirecTV h:r receiver to the latest

firmware you're gonna follow these steps

here you can pause this here and go

through it one by one but the big

important thing that I'm including here

that I have not seen that any other

reviews that tell you how to upgrade

your receiver is to go to the red H comm

DTV index dot PHP and a bunch of other

stuff after that which looks like this

when you go to this site most important

thing here is to see what software is

currently in the stream this side is up

I want to say 98% of the time which

helps out most updates of the new

software are before 7:00 a.m. Eastern

and the way you're going to upgrade that

is to press on your remote after

rebooting the receiver that's the red

book on the right hand side you're gonna

see a blue scratch splash screen come up

and you're gonna hit 0 2 4 6 8 and after

you do that you can see another screen

come up I fast forward us a little bit

since nobody wants to sit through

because it takes about 10 minutes total

so this is that 97% you'll see new

software found as of right now it's 1 0

0 3 after it completes the download it

will say almost there a few more seconds

please then it'll say you're running

receive yourself check this won't take

that long

the next step you will see is the one of

two checking satellite settings this

will take a few minutes and then you'll

see step 2 - I have a 98% complete here

just fast forward for your entertainment

so you don't have to sit here and watch

something just go through it steps and

they will say 100% and then your TV will

be back up that's it on the latest

software so hey thanks for watching the

video please comment please subscribe

and please give a thumbs up appreciate

it if you have any questions be more

than happy to give answers I'll put some

more information in the comments below

make sure to check them out thanks