Delta Miter Saw Reviewed!

time for a power-tool review hi

everybody its mark from the family

woodworker channel hey this week we're

going to do a little bit of a tool

review on a new miter saw this is a shop

master series from delta its model 20

6-2 62

not that that means anything to you but

it's a lower-cost

entry-level chop saw or a Microsoft and

we're gonna get into a little bit of

review this week so stick with us so

here's the ultra glamorous 360 degree

shot it's a pretty compact little miter

saw and it's got some great features for

the price point so here's the locking

knob lock locking the arm in place so

you can pick it up and move it around to

the job site or from room to room it

also has a laser line which will display

on the cutting surface and if you're

doing a lot of rough construction or

framing it's pretty easy to get that

stuff lined up the blade will cut just

to the right of the laser line so you

put it right on the pencil mark there's

also a safety switch here which I like

because I keep my saw bolted down and

plugged in on my bench top so if you've

got small kids or grandkids running

around it's tough to engage the saw

blade there's also a little spot in the

back to hold the allen wrench for

tightening and loosening some of the

soft features and you'll never lose that

guy now back twenty years ago when I

bought my original Delta it was an

expensive option they have this compound

cutting system built in but it comes

standard with the saw so if you're

putting up molding in the home this

helps a lot there's also a hold down

clamp for securing that piece of lumber

so you can keep your hands away from the

cutting deck and I like this feature as



let's talk a little bit about the 200

pound gorilla in the room which isn't

really a big gorilla but you may have

noticed my last few videos the saw had

changed so I have even done a workshop

upgrade video and featured a custom

tabletop that I built from my old Delta

miter saw and with the custom dust hood

the dust hood worked really great on the

old saw it turned out to be a great

combination and the SOB died right in

the middle of that video production when

I was upgrading this workbench so I

wound up looking for something that was

roughly the same size the same dimension

I never had a lot of money to spend that

power tool so I was looking for

something low cost that provided a good

value and I wound up going with another

Delta so case you notice over the past

few videos this the saw had actually

changed you were right it did actually

change so in terms of the power of the

saw in the motor this is a 15 amp motor

and I believe on my old Delta saw it was

just a 13 or a 13 and a half amp and I

can definitely tell the difference as I

cut through lumber that how much more

juice this has and you could tell when

you started up that first engagement of

the motor kind of pulls the handle and

it lets you know that there's some good

power behind it so you want to be

careful but it does cut very well I'm

going to demo some really dense

hardwoods and show you how easily they

cut through I also want to point out and

during the demo I'm going to show you

another one of the things that I'm not

crazy about compared to my old Delta saw

where the dust collection hood that I

had created for the back the back area

wound up collecting the dust really well

and even though I'm going to have a

vacuum tube hooked up to the exhaust

port on the back of the motor back here

the dust isn't the sawdust isn't

necessarily going to get collected here

it's going to go everywhere so I'll show

you that as we cut through some lumber

and I'm going to have to come up with

some other

solution on the benchtop to help me

collect that dust and so we're going to

start out with just some two by six pine

dimensional two by six pine and of

course this is just one and a half

inches thick but it's pretty easy to cut

through this stuff but let's take a look

at Hawaiian koa now quite a bit more

dense a little bit heavier hardwood but

no problem and the really tough stuff

African Paducah this is way up there on

the Janka hardness index a tough

hardwood so that was a really nice clean

cut on this Paducah this red Duke this

is a pretty rare hardwood and this stuff

is really dense and really hard and the

power of the sod didn't have any trouble

getting through there now this is a

pretty aggressive saw blade that comes

packaged with the saw but it had no

trouble getting through this Paducah


and the quick analysis is that it cuts

great kind of leaves a mess so one of

the big challenges that I have with this

particular saw is that unlike my old

delta which locked into place really

well at zero degrees or a ninety degree

cut this one isn't quite lock in the

same way and see if you can hear the

clicking so the problem with that is

there's a little bit of play there's

like a one degree or half to replay

depending on where that click comes in

and it doesn't really make a firm seat

into that slot so you have to hope that

it's 90 degrees and very often let's say

I lock it into place here after it

clicked and I check the blade you know

it's actually off by about a half degree

and so you can't really trust the zero

degree measure you almost have to play

with it so that you know you're gonna

get a good 90 degree cut and then I

would lock it down

let's talk about a summary I thought

this was a fantastic entry-level miter

saw it's a good value I spent 99 bucks

on this if you're just building up a

shop it's a great option it's also

pretty lightweight and easy to carry to

the job site or moving around from room

to room I like the safety switch because

I do leave this on my bench plugged in

it makes nice compound cuts the laser

line feature really helps you when

you're doing a lot of cuts for quick

framing it's got a very powerful motor

and I really like the hold down clamp

that came with this saw things that

weren't so great the 90 degree table

lock on the saw wasn't exact you had to

check it with a square to make sure the

blade cut at 90 and the dust collection

port was kind of worthless so I think if

you have a square handy to make sure

your blade is at 90

your your safe invest in a sixty tooth

our bite blade you're going to want to

engineer some sort of a catch basin and

maybe a raised platform to extend the

cutting table overall thumbs up

everybody thanks for joining us for the

video we really hope you liked it and we

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take care