Andy’s DIY: How to install 10 inch Delta miter saw blade shield/cover

his aunt idea why I'm working with a

delta shop master miter saw I thought it

needed to take the shield off in order

to change the blade out which you don't

have to I'm gonna show you how to put

the shield with a protective blade

shield back on with the spring that goes

on with it

the first thing you want to do go ahead

and take this inner take this inner

washer off that'll give you some room to

slip this screw in from the backside

here you want to come in through the

back here put this down and I'll put the

camera down but just slip that through

there and next you're going to take your

shield like it was we sitting on there

you just take it set it straight down

like this my spring is a little

different than some of the other models

but mine it tapers down smaller to the

front so that's what goes on first and

you'll see a small little hole right

there just a little tab in that hole and

once that's in here you go put aigis in

here and you line it up with that tab

right there and you just put it on you

got it of course you will need to hold

on the back of this once you got that in

place you come back over the top of this

with this covered nut just covered here

then you put the little nut on over that

and type it all down I'll show you that

here in a second so I took this inner

space off here put that off to give

myself more of my hands here I've got

the screw through there and I put the

nut back on it just loosely just so as

you're fumbling with this thing get it

on here it's not in your way and then I

kind of hold it there until you're ready

to tighten it all down so I did actually

slide the spring the little part in here

just up just a little bit where it make

connection but that's what you get right

there so once you get to that point then

you got to bring in your plate to

connect to the arm here that it retracts

it now I feel like for me the easiest

way to get this thing a test your shear

just go ahead and take this arm off

connect it to your shield first and then

and then reconnect your back here I

think that'll be a little Asian you

won't be fighting it up here where you

trying to hold everything together okay

so now you're at this point here I took

the nut back off the middle here

I miss the next thing is put this on

this has got three slots in it and you

can see the slots that marked I'm gonna

let this go but you got one here here

and here it just goes on one way you

slide that forward carefully not

knocking this screw out right here and

then but you're not on there once you

get that on and you can put your arm on

and it should go pretty quickly from

there but right now I'm just holding in

place with my thumb here alright so I've

got that retained here this nut here

I've reached I was able to reach in here

with my hands along the backside of the

year and I was able to put my finger on

this to hold it in place and once I got

started and I just screwed it on there

and I used a that not is a what is it

it's a I guess I used a nine socket here

nine millimeter

so next thing to do is to put this back

on here and this like I said just bolts

back on there and it slips right over

that slide all wood

slide it all the way down into place

here and just screw it back on and then

we act of course get your saw blade back

in place and then just line that back up

and put your screw back through there

apparently some people that issue

there's having to drill those out

there's a video on that but once that

screws back to your back in action so I

guess in the beginning of this which I

now know changing out your saw blade

leave all this hooked up and if you slip

that out this whole thing should slide

back all the way keep like that it

should give you access what you need you

do not need to take this off I now know

that so there you go that's how you put

this cover back on so here's everything

back together here