$20 Delta 36-040 Miter Saw Thrift Store Find!

hi Roger here and I wanted to talk to

you about some a little bargain my wife

owned at a thrift shop paid $20 for it's

a Dell de compound miter saw I should

say compound bevel because you can uh as

a adjustment back here where you can

alter the angle here in addition to

changing your angles this way talk a

little bit about this bargain fine here

of course that the blade that came out

it's a good blade free blade but it is

mighty dull it needs to be sent off for

sharpening I did find a friend Diablo to

put on it trying to find an eight and a

quarter inch blade can be somewhat of a

challenge I was ordered to able to order

one got one on there and just used it

for a little trim project recently I'll

get em the camera down so you get a

little bit closer look at this okay

that's here give me a little bit more of

a close-up the thing is very light I

suppose it might weigh 15 pounds if it's

out of the way before something happens

I did make a couple of little extension

wings with just a simple box put a

couple of dollars on the end they line

up with the holes that are in the end

here and it could shove them in but one

out on each side free a little bit

longer stock oh yeah I just recently

used this to finish up a little bit of

trim in a bathroom that I've been

putting off for about twenty years but

one of them honeydew jobs that it got

finished said this does have a dust

collection port on it but it doesn't

work all that I pull it back over here

hook this up you want to cut here and

you'll be able to see you'll still get a

lot of sawdust that will come flying out

the back


so as you can see the dusk likes your

part or doesn't work too good

the only other little thing I don't like

I can't really complain too much for as

cheap as this was but to change the

angles you have to grab a hold of the

base grab a hold of the handle and pull

it there locks at 1520 two-and-a-half

thirty ten forty-five but it's kind of a

pain to do unless you have this clamp

down you can't just grab that Turkish

oil salt turn there is a little knob on

the front here right here if you want to

lock into a angle where there isn't a

detent for actually just leave that a

little bit loose also a safety up here

so you can't pull this trigger here

unless this is pushed in which I find a

little bit of a nuisance sometimes when

I always forget that that's there but I

suppose it's a good safety feature to

change the blades in this put this

around again direction I'm going to plug

it change the blades you need to take

all of this mechanism apart for the

guard and then you have to take this

little piece loose up here and then you

can get to the arbor nut on the back

side there's a lock right here you could

push in with you'll lock the blade so

you can work it with your wrench so

overall not a bad little thing for 20


another 40 dollars for a good blade and

I'll get that Freud blade sharpened so

pulling home not a bad deal this is a

model number 36 - 0 4 0 whether or not

they still make these I don't know lock

it in like that wrap the cord around

like I said before it takes just nothing

to pick this thing up turn around

nice little portable unit unlike my

other ones I do have a 10-inch Ryobi

which is not in the show

right now I've got it in another

location then I got my big 10 inch

Dewalt or I should say 12s t-ball

compound sliding miter saw that's on a

stand and that sucker is heavy so it's

not portable but this isn't for big jobs

either hope you enjoyed that little

segment on that little Delta $20 bargain

thrift store saw all those bargains out

there to be found if you look around for

my half pixel good deals up at yard

sales and so on and particularly farm

auctions and estate auctions of course

that little Delta doesn't compare to

this big do you Walt right here my big

12 inch compound miter saw but it's much

lighter it's good for a little quick

jobs here and there so hope you liked it

thanks for watching and please like to

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