this week our side

what's going on scared Lex here with

another dirty maintenance show it's

Saturday and when we're on call we have

to work the weekend so I'll be here

today and tomorrow but we get Monday off

so that's that's good that's nice today

I want to do a lock-picking video I

already showed you my my lock-picking

gun the scorpion that I have which is

real easy to do and nice when it's three

in the morning and there's no master key

in the office and someone took the key

home but today I'm going to show you my

my hand pick and set and you got to have

a tension rod - this ain't Hollywood you

know you see you see the Hollywood

movies they stick a dog on a girl pulls

out her hair pin and the dude sticks it

in the lock and then I'm you know and

they picks it it's bull crap you got to

have a tension rod you don't just stick

a freaking wire in the lock and pick it

open so yeah I'll show it off that's all

I use is it this is your tension rod and

that I can't actually use a paper clip I

just fold it up like this and get a

little bow on the end of it like that

and I can pick it with a paper clip pull

it up prefer this I'll go over here and

lock the door for you just so you know

there's no camera tricks alright as you

can see the plunger is in the lock there

I'll give it a little tug that's locked

and I won't stop the camera either so

because you got you know some trollers

hose just a camera trick you didn't

really do that

no zoom in for you get it set right

little tension rod in first and just tug

out a little bit to show you it's a lot

tension rod put in our scraper wah these

is that you can take any key to finish

it up you don't need any kind of special

key I'll just use my my was this this is

my house key for example it doesn't go

to this lock and just use any key to

finish up the door unlocking just like

that man


that's pretty neato huh

the old lock picking set the skill that

definitely will add value to your dirty

maintenance man arsenal there was a girl

up in the corporate office the other day

she threw some important papers away in

the shredder and she's you know she's

like I got to get him out of there can

you drill the lock out or just rip it

open with a crowbar I don't care I got

to get him out of there I said no let me

try my lockpicking sets first so I

grabbed these and it's one of those tiny

mailbox locks I mean I haven't done one

of those in years and I went to it

actually had to close my eyes and just

channel the force like like Luke

Skywalker did when he was hanging upside

down in that ice monsters cave on the

planet Hoth I mean I was I had to go

deep I had to dig deep and I got it open

I couldn't believe it I mean it was it

took me about five minutes but I got it


definitely a victory so yeah man I

recommend I recommend the skill it takes

a lot of practice you know you're not

gonna get it and just start picking

locks immediately it takes I mean it

took me months you know thank God it

takes a lot of practice or every thug on

the street would would time the lock

picking set mean now if he's the access

to your house so that's it guys thank

you for watching the dirty maintenance



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to be found

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