A Deadbolt Lock Can be an Easy Target for Burglars

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if you think your homey safe just

because the door is locked

think again bad guys may be able to slip

into your house with very little effort

by trying something called lock bumping

Action News 5s Darryl phillips uncovers

the threat and shows what to do about it

Memphian Cindy Sinclair has a

one-year-old son - her security is

everything we're certainly important

before but now that we have a baby

that's all I think about I just want to

make sure that he's okay she was stunned

by this story and you will be to

everyone who sees this in action is

stunned I think that's pretty scary that

someone could break into our house it's

called lock bumping and safety experts

say this technique works on more than

90% of homes the good guys need to know

what to watch out for the bad guys are

going to find out what to do so why

should the public not know what's

happening the trick a special series of

cuts on a regular old house key and a

tap or a series of taps will do the

trick this key does not fit this lock

this one doesn't there's no way that I

can make it jiggle it wiglet do anything

to make it too

that's pumping ESPO Memphis locksmith

Glen Piper says you need to worry about

this because it is so easy even a 10

year old can do it we tried to talk with

police from multiple agencies about it

but they wouldn't even do an interview

either because they didn't know about it

or didn't want to take heat for telling

people about it

but with lock bumping how to's buzzing

across the Internet we decided it was

time to find solutions

alarm systems are more expensive than

this lock okay

so if you're going down the road of

expense this is the cheapest solution

this will put a lock on the door that

can be think we're talking about a

hundred fifty bucks there are some

things you can do

Piper says alarms and pets are good

deterrents lighting around your house

helps to but he says the best thing you

can do is spend a little money on better

locks locks by medico and Schlage Primus

can't be bumped they're more expensive

but they'll do the trick when you try to

put value on your property that's easy

enough to do but how do you put the

value on your personal safety you can't

put a price tag on that

how can you afford not to have a lot

that you can't pick this way learn that

you can't use a bump key on the answer

he says is that you can't and with the

digital underworld abuzz about this new

threat safety experts say it's time to

key in Darryl Phillips Action News 5 now

you probably notice that we did not show

you how to make a bump key several

viewers emailed us today concern we

would be telling criminals how to use

this technique our goal was to make you

aware so that you can better protect

yourself we felt it would be

irresponsible not to tell you about it

we've prepared a lot of

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