How to repair a Deadbolt that wont unlock

it's also very unsafe not to be able to

exit your front door during a fire hey

guys welcome back to the channel as a

handyman I have to fix a lot of stuff so

I don't want to call a professional out

when I think I can do it myself this is

an easy one so my kids came home the

other day and they couldn't get in the

door so this is happening not only is it

a inconvenience to keep coming in the

garage door it's also very unsafe not to

be able to exit your front door during a

fire yeah we have tons of windows and

two pairs of sliding glass doors but

when people are under stress they may

not think of alternative exits to the

home so today I am going to tackle this

problem should only take a few minutes

should be interesting no one's on the

other side of the door so I pull this

off the other side might just fall to

the ground but I'm home alone so I'm

used to working alone all right let's

get a look in there see what's going on

yep and there it goes

so that's gonna fall outside that's

gonna suck

back inside yeah you don't know what is

the problem here with this fold why it's

not I put these in about a year ago but

the house two years ago so we change the

locks of course but it took a while this

this is a quick set deadbolt I don't

want to knock the product I've never had

a problem with it but unfortunately it

looks like this mechanism was just

messed up

I'm gonna have to might have to force it

out not sure we'll see I keep messing

with it see what happens okay I was

messing around with it and using my

screwdriver and now it opens so not sure

if I want to keep using it or replace it

but for now I'm gonna put it back

together and see if it does it again

you'll see it's a pretty simple process

you just line up

shaft inside has a special shape to it

one flat side that matches one's flat

side here so you just line that up and

put that in and put in the screws from

the other side it helps that she's put

the screws in first and there's a

retention plate that goes on the other



as an arrow on it showing which side to

go up first in here like so you know

wacky captain ISM so

my kids thought I was actually trying to

keep him out of the house I said don't

be silly I'd actually take your keys

away from you

not just change the locks

they didn't find humor they're grown so

I told them you know you can stay as

long as you want

when you leave I've already got plans

for your rooms some of them being a new

drums to you so where it moves first is

gone to me as it drops to you

so I can put my drums in there and

they'll get dusted just like they get

wood goes down them in the basement cuz

I'm too busy doing stuff like this so

I'm just holding this in while I'm hand

turning the screws behind here now I

tighten them with the screwdriver I

don't know what the problem was with the

lot maybe just caught on something I

usually have a key on both sides of the

deadbolt that's not a bad plan if you

keep the key close to the door you don't

want to keep the key in the door because

then someone can just break your side

light and turn the key as they can with

this so it's a little bit more security

to keep the key on a little hook to the

side you and your family know where it's

at that way if someone does break the

side light of your door to try and get

in and they reach for the deadbolt there

won't be

he in there and then will be a lash like

this so let's see what happens here


it's not the strongest of action but

let's see one of the problems with this

door is you have to get some light on

here my lights are dying you have to

push against the door to close it I

don't think most of my family realizes

that so they keep the pressure on the

bolts up against the kick plate and that

much must have just jammed it well

that's it as you can see Rolo is ready

to use the door

he's very happy I fixed it thanks for

watching if this helps you at all

fix your deadbolt cool give it a thumbs

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