Cricket Wireless GSM Phones are Locked


well I rollin those crispy turkey users

calm let me go ahead and take this

device off of Wi-Fi we're going to talk

about this cricket device being locked -

crickets Network a lot of you might be

curious about this so this is a Cricket

Wireless branded device you can see

right there that we have a cricket SIM

card let's go ahead and take that out

and put in an active AT&T card and see

if it works see if we can use this on

AT&T let's flip it over

no SIM card says network locked no

service so right there it says sim

network unlock pin so this device is

locked and it's so locked down that we

can't even get it on to AT&T without

entering the sim network unlock pin now

a lock device on a teen teen good

standing not blacklisted like the

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 right here it can

go on to Cricket Wireless without being

unlocked but cricket branded devices

can't go the opposite way around if you

guys have any questions about that

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