Chop saw unlocking

okay so i actually have big guy helping

to shoot this video because i tried to

do it on my tripod turned out horrible

so what i have here is what i call the

chop saw

and i wanted to shoot a quick video


i ran into this problem i have used this

now for

what five years and ed was at work one

day and i could not figure out how to

unlock the

what i call the head i don't know what

ed calls it so i'm going to show you

guys how to unlock this

now i'm going to push down lightly on

the handle not the blade

cut guard and then there's a little

button back here

and i'll it'll come closer here in a

minute maybe show you guys

um you pull this little out this little

button out

and then you can actually unlock it and


i knew there was a way to do it and i've

watched him do it before

but my problem is sometimes when i go to


videos on youtube and it's a male doing

it no offense men

um some of them are they they just kind

of talk down

just assuming it's going to be a woman

coming on and looking

so i just wanted to show you guys this


and show you how to do it and i no

disrespect and i don't know that they

meant it either sometimes i think it's


people's um sometimes maybe dialect or


so i do want to show you one more time

to lock it you'll just do the opposite

you'll just go ahead

and bring it down push it in and in this

case you'll just push the pen back in

and so uh do you want to get closer

maybe um so i'll show you one more time

and then i'm going to have ed kind of

show you the pen

without worrying about me so push down

on the handle not the guard blade

this it's right back here okay you'll

pull out

and come up and then to go backwards and

go ahead and lock it

we're going to go ahead and come back

down i'm going to lightly hold the

handle not the guard on the blade

and then i'm just going to push that pin

back in that's it

so for those of you who have a chalk saw

who are just

learning who are new to woodworking

that is how you do it

easy peasy don't try to hold this and

push down on the guard

for the blade that way you don't knock

anything out of sync

you know it's okay if you lightly put

your hand there but what you don't want

to do is put too much pressure right


so you always want to make sure you do

the handle so that is it guys that is

how you do it i hope this helps somebody


and i'll talk to you guys soon bye