Door Security Chain Bypass for 1?

okay this is a pretty old technique it's

been out for a while I don't really need

to teach you how to do this I just need

to show you that it's possible there's

like there's like one step to it two

steps if you count making the tool and I

happen to have a hair tie around my

wrist so I did that

some people use rubber bands and they'll

loop it through itself around the chain

and use scotch tape so it's really it's

a highly modifiable technique you can

use different angles you can use it on

different types whether it's a security

chain or a lever latch or whatever it is

so I just wanted to show you that this

is possible I also wanted to show you

that it's important that you see that in

the field it doesn't always work on the

first try and if you remember what I

tell you all the freakin time about

tactical lock picking is use the right

tactic at the right time and that's up

to you because if there was any threat

or if there was any severe time

limitation I would have kicked this

door open so that's not really a

special video to show you

anybody can kick one of these security

chains open it's not tough but the

important thing about covert entry is

one it's usually non-destructive which

is good if you're playing with other

people's money like it's not your house

or it's a relative's house or it's a

sweet old lady who you're going to check

up on for a welfare check make sure

she's still alive you don't really want

to be kicking people people's door open

when you have an option to not do that

so I just wanted to show you this

technique you can see me fail a few

times which is important that you know

that that happens and hopefully you can

learn something from this and if you do

learn something from this and you found

some value then share it with your

family and friends especially if they're

in military and law enforcement or if

they're what I call the prepper or the

concerned civilian or citizen and thanks

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you next time