Phone Unlocking Academy - Everything about cell phone unlocks

what's up guys Adrienne Tamara with

nine-one-one gadgets this video is to

show you guys a little bit or a lot a

bit on how to unlock phones what the

process is and just a little bit more

information on how to do it alright guys

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today guys so we're gonna go ahead and

start off by talking about unlocks so

you have people are always like do you

unlock phones unlocking is very broad so

you have carrier unlocks which means if

I have a t-mobile phone right this is

from t-mobile and I want to put an AT&T

SIM card in there it's not gonna let me

whether it's an Android or whether it's

a iPhone it won't let me only work with

t-mobile SIM cards so if you want to

carrier unlock it or it's also called

factory unlock you either have to call

t-mobile and tell them hey you know I

want to unlock my phone so I can use it

with other carriers or I want to go out

of the country and put a different SIM

card from over there piece and lock it

but they have rules

they don't just let you unlock it for

free some of the rules are you have to

have the phone active with their service

for six months your phone needs to be

paid off you know the different carriers

have different rules MetroPCS same thing

you know for iPhones is a little bit

harder to unlock because there's

actually no way to kind of crack that

that uh the software to unlock it except

if you use this little tiny thing called

an our sim which are very very

unreliable so I don't recommend those I

don't even use those you could get them

for like four to six dollars but then

you charge your customer sixty to eighty

bucks to use that little sim thing but

after some times even after a day it

just locks back up you know and you have

to keep changing some settings on it

it's just a headache

do I do not recommend them at all but

you want to go that route go ahead

so that's carrier unlocking okay as I

was saying the iPhones are harder so if

it's not paid off then you would have to

use one of our services which I'm going

to show you guys real quick so for

example we have this one here this is

one of many websites that I use

and this is how most or all of the

unlocking sites work okay some of them

will be a little bit different and

they're gonna be a little confusing guys

okay so you go to see these you have all

these things your client area kind of

shows you a bunch of stuff about you

this and that these are all the ones

that I've been I've done so if we want

to unlock a t-mobile phone right you

would go to place order IMEI service


t-mobile see there's anything sometimes

there's nothing for for that t-mobile so

we have these websites these sources

that I use that all my students use you

can process unlocks through the websites

for a fee most of the time if the phone

is blacklisted or there's a balance due

on it you would probably have to go

through these websites now if you have a

phone that's paid off you know like

sometimes these androids they have an

app they have an app on here that's a

remote unlock if it's paid off you can

unlock it for free okay so the same with

iPhones they don't have that remote

unlock app but with AT&T you can go in

and get the unlock for free if it's paid

off you know so we'll get into that once

we're done talking about the different

types of unlocks okay I'll show you guys

the software the websites stuff like

that so then that is carrier unlocks

okay or also known as factory unlocks

where you put you can put it this is a

t-mobile phone and you can put a

t-mobile SIM card in there or a metro PC

actually that's tricky too because but

things always change but right now

t-mobile phones you can put a metro pcs

card in there already so a t-mobile

phone will work with metro pcs

automatically without having to unlock

and a lot of people don't know that so

the same with AT&T you can use a cricket

SIM card with a teen with an AT&T phone

and that's because they used though the

networks cricket uses 18 t networks and

metro pcs uses t-mobile networks

so that is carrier unlocks okay or you

can put a SIM card of another carrier

into a t-mobile phone or let's say this

was AT&T you unlock it you can put a

t-mobile SIM card in there and then you

can use it so a lot of people want to

use that alright then we have blacklist

okay so customers call hey can you

unlock my phone you know what kind of

lock is it what are you talking about

are you talking carrier unlock or is it

blacklisted or is there a password on

there so we're gonna talk about all

those so the second one here is

blacklisted phones a blacklisted phone

is also known as bard because when you

unblock list it it's also known as

unbarring okay so you'll see a lot of

these terms when we get into the website

so a blacklisted phone is a phone that

is blocked by the carrier t-mobile I'm

using it with t-mobile and they and then

I just decided I don't want to pay my

bill anymore and I owe money on this

phone okay so I just tell t-mobile I

don't tell them anything I just stop

paying it I owe 300 bucks on it well

shortly after t-mobile notices that I'm

not paying my bill anymore they're gonna

blacklist it which means they're gonna

the IMEI number is going to be flagged

so it won't work

so even if I get another t-mobile SIM

card a different account and I pop it in

this t-mobile phone it's not gonna work


it's gonna say no service because

t-mobile has now blacklisted the phone

so we have these services that we use

where we type in the IMEI number and we

pay a fee it's cheaper fee than what we

are gonna charge our customers to do


it's just the service that we buy to get

this thing cleaned so it's also called

cleaned ok unbarring on blacklisting or

cleaning the imei it's the same thing it

all comes down to the IMEI the IMEI is

now blocked because I didn't pay it so

we want to clean it right we want to

clean it making it unblocked ok or we

want to embark

or we want to UM blacklist it these are

all terms that's what I'm saying

unlocking is very very broad and you got

to learn these terms but it's not hard

once you get the hang of it ok it's kind

of like learning a new language but a

language that only has maybe like 15

words 15 to 20 words ok I want to learn

Chinese I want to learn all these other

languages but there's hundreds and

thousands of words right this is only

about 20 words so it's like learning the

language but only 20 words so don't get

scared okay a phone can also be

blacklisted by let's say I buy insurance

for my phone and I call t-mobile and I

use T Mobile that's why I'm using them

but this applies to every carrier I call


and I tell them hey I lost my phone can

you please replace it I'll pay $100

deductible or whatever the deductible is

right I'll pay the deductible thank you

and then they'll process it they'll ask

you these questions they will report

yours as lost or stolen they'll send you

a new phone so now you get a new phone

right and this one it's no longer usable

because it's the IMEI which is the

serial number of your phones right the

IMEI is now blacklisted so I got my new

phone I put my SIM card and this phone

works I take this SIM card or a

different account SIM card from t-mobile

right because it's probably not unlocked

okay so see that's where it gets tricky

it's not unlocked so you can't put a 18

C SIM card so let's say I get another

account SIM card from t-mobile you put

it in here it's not gonna work it's

gonna say no service because he got

blacklisted due to being reported losses

stolen to the insurance okay so another

way that I could get blacklisted would

be so we talked about payments right if

you stopped paying it reported lost or

stolen and insurance claim yeah the same

thing so and there's different tools to

check and these websites you go and you

check the IMEI and it'll tell you why is

it blacklisted Android is the same thing

we get blacklisted

however androids are easier to work on

because you can actually crack the

software so we have these contacts the

websites and personal contacts that we

can text hey man I got a Galaxy Note 8

its blacklist at how much to clean it

you know so they'll send you you know

the text you back okay it's gonna be 80

bucks and what they do is they go in the

phone you plug it into a computer and

they go in the phone and they just do

what they got to do they change the

numbers in there or something whatever

they flash it they put in different IMEI

number and that's it

but you can't do that with iPhones ok

androids are much easier to unlock and

by unlock we're talking about carrier

unlocked blacklist password did all that

stuff okay

so we talked about we've talked about

carrier unlocking right which is putting

a SIM card from another carrier into a

phone and we talked about blacklisting

okay when you were when they report it

lost or stolen you can't use it you know

it won't work anymore because it's

reported lost or stolen IMEI has been

flagged has been barred has been


so carrier unlocks blacklisting then we

have password okay so if somebody come

comes up to you or they say hey man I

lost my passcode I don't know what it is

well both phones both phones you can

factory reset them by punching

shut any numbers okay no gadgets this is

who yes what's up Takashi good yeah okay

so these phones can both be reset by

pushing a series of keys in certain

orders or stuff like that so there's

different ways of resetting them however

there's this thing called iCloud and

this thing called Google lock okay so

yes you can reset it but once you reset

it the phone actually detects that this

phone these phones were reset without

first removing the iCloud or without

first logging logging out of iCloud or

logging out of Google but gmail accounts

okay so it's called that's a different

type of lock right which we're gonna

talk about right now but yes password

password locks you can reset them if it

doesn't have a Google lock if it's for

Android or if it doesn't have an iCloud

lock meaning that the accounts are not

logged in anymore they were removed or

maybe people don't like using the Google

Play Store or Gmail or anything maybe

people don't like using iCloud but they

have a passcode yes you can reset it and

you'll be back into your phone with no

problem as long as there was no iCloud

account on the iPhones or Google account

on the androids yes you can reset a

passcode or a pattern lock or password

whenever you can reset them but it all

depends if you can use the phone again

you know it's determined by whether or

not there was a an account logged in

before the reset okay so yes password

unlock so now we've cared we've now

we've covered carrier unlocks putting

different SIM cards into a certain

carrier phone right blacklist unlock

when they report them you know lost or


you know they get blacklisted you can't


even if they if they were previously

unlocked carrier unlocked but somebody

reported them stolen then its carrier

unlocked but it's still gonna be

blacklisted so okay we got carrier

unlocks blacklist unlock and then we

have password unlocks so so far we have

three different types of unlocks and I'm

sorry this is confusing but just replay

the video this is a lot of information

to try to explain so we got carrier

unlocks blacklist unlocks password

unlocks resets then we're going to talk

about iCloud right we just talked about

iCloud and Google lock regarding the

phones if we reset them okay so iCloud

lock let's start with iCloud with iCloud

lock many times people sell phones that

are iCloud locked already you know they

bought them on offer up or they bought

them somewhere because even even if

their iCloud locked

you'll still turn on and then it'll

start up to the screen right and you

think you're thinking you can buy it

you're thinking the condition was dead

anyways you're thinking you're gonna buy

it for real cheap or whatever you got a

good deal but then it says hello and you

think it's all it's brand new it's

restarted whatever so you start from

scratch and then you go you go through

the whole thing

see like this right here you're gonna go

through the whole thing

English you put United States set up

manually or whatever I'm already hooked

up to Wi-Fi right so these phones use

the Internet to determine whether there

was an iCloud account but I thought

account logged in or not

okay let me take a few minutes to

activate your folks right here is

checking does this thing have an iCloud

account logged in if it does I'm not

gonna let this person use it and look

see this iPhone was lost and erased

enter the Apple ID and password that we

used to set up this iPhone so see that's

iCloud lock you need to have the Apple

ID that was used on this iPhone and you

need to have the password okay

this is Ike I love you can't do anything

unless of course you have the sources

which we have and and yeah now there's

ways to remove this okay but first do

you remember when when we talked about

blacklist status well iCloud has a

status also okay when somebody reports

the phone and they blacklist it it gets

flagged and and when you check the IMEI

it says lost or stolen right well they

can blacklist the phone itself and if

they don't call Apple or if they if they

don't report it lost or stolen through

Apple because you reported lost or

stolen through the carrier right but you

can also reported lost or stolen through

Apple Apple's server so what the IMEI

number remember the IMEI is the serial

that's what you're always going to use

to check statuses of stuff like you know

I don't even need this phone in my hands

to check it I just need the IMEI number

which you know you can find it there's

various ways to find it inside the

software or out here in the back on some

phones or here in the center inside well

if they haven't reported it lost or

stolen to Apple then that iCloud status

is clean which means it's easier and

faster to remove the iCloud account

using the sources that we have now to

check that you type in the IMEI number

in our website that we use or one of the

websites because we have a few

and it'll tell us icloud stat is lost if

this is lost thing we have to try some

other way to remove it okay but if I

Klaus status says clean then we can use

the sources that we have right there

the websites or the faster way of doing

it so I cloud

the phone has iCloud you want to check

the status of the iCloud the same way

before you buy a phone you want to check

the status of the IMEI like through the

carrier if it's reported lost stolen

blacklisted right you also want to check

the IMEI just the I mean I will tell you

if that if it has iCloud you know you

don't have to see the phone in yourself

iCloud you can check it through IMEI

it'll tell you if it's on a 911 gadgets

yeah for what carrier can you text me

the IMEI numbers so that I can check it

real quick and see what kind of block a

house what kind of phone is it a Google

pixel for yeah text me the IMEI number

and then I'll I'll call you as soon as I

get a report back on it and I'll tell

you how much it's gonna cost to so

basically you want to use it with

t-mobile again okay yeah send me the

IMEI number just text it to me okay I

now call you back all right sounds good

all right thanks okay bye all right cool

so this guy called about an a Google

pixel for he bought it and it's reported

that's blacklisted I don't know if it's

lost or stolen yet so it's a Google

pixel so it's Android right it's a

little bit easier but although Google

pixels are kind of harder than Samsung

so we'll see how that goes

okay all right so iCloud status clean or

lost or stolen we want it to be clean

because it's easier faster to remove the

iCloud to our services to our sources

that we use iCloud is also known as fmi

Find My iPhone when somebody has Find My

iPhone on that means they have iCloud

logged into it so when you check the

IMEI for iCloud you're probably gonna

search it up under fmi or sometimes

under iCloud status okay

so that's iCloud and it's very confusing

but that's why you guys get access to

the group so we can always talk about it

there okay what else

hi crowd okay

the Samsungs or androids

the same thing with these okay it's like

iCloud right if it gets reset and there

was an iCloud account logged in its

gonna give you kind of the same message

please and please type in the email and

password that was used actually the

gmail and password that was used on this

phone before it was reset if you don't

have that then you gotta unlock it right

so now that's called Google unlock or

also known as FRP factory reset

protection because when you reset it has

the code like that and you factory reset

it your factory resetting it through the

back end by pushing a couple buttons

here and there right you can just Google

how to factory reset a note eight or a

note nine or a Google pixel you know and

then will tell you push the top button

and the volume down button and then this

and add that and it'll show you how to

reset it without putting the passcode in

however it has an account in there you

know you're gonna have to put in the

email and the password which we're not

gonna we don't know it right so that's

when you go to our sources and you

search up Google Account removal we do

have a direct contact where we can text

the guy hey man I got a note 8 with FRP

or with Google lock right FRP is factory

reset protection Google lock is the same

thing hey I got no note 8 FRP how much

and he'll text you back oh it's this

much money or this much 20 bucks 15

bucks 30 bucks 80 bucks

depending on which model and he'll tell

you if you can do it or not most of the

time you can do everything so then you

plug it in you let him access your your

computer or at the phone

Google utility that he uses and then he

it's done he removes it and you're good

to go you pay him and that's easy right

yeah that's really fast

and usually cheaper than removing iCloud

so we talked about iCloud to check if it

has iCloud you can either reset it

yourself and then wait for that message

to say insert your your email and

password or you can just get the IMEI

number and punch it in to our website

sources that we have and search if it

has iCloud or fmi on right it has on

then we want to check the status of it

it's a different search the different

source or different service so if it

says Find My iPhone or iCloud on on the

on our website search results or on our

report results then we want to check if

the iCloud that's on is lost or stolen

or if it's clean so then we can choose

which route we're gonna go to to unlock

the iCloud okay it's clean we can it's a

little bit faster and easier if it's

lost or stolen then we got a it's a

little bit different you know so we have

the sources to do that too okay all

right and then for this one we talked

about google lock also known as FRP

right also if you reset it for this one

there's not really a way I don't think

we have a source that tells you if FRP

is on although we might have it I just

never bothered looking for it because

it's so easy to reset these you just

reset them real quick and the fact that

it's real cheap to remove FRP that's

okay if somebody's gonna sell me a note

9 that has a passcode on it I don't care

I'll just buy it if it's a good deal for

it for cheap like 200 bucks or a hundred

bucks I don't care if has FRP honestly

because it's only going to cost me like

15 20 bucks to remove FRP but iCloud if

somebody's gonna sell me a like iPhone 8

plus and they want to 300 bucks okay

that sounds like a good deal but if it

has iCloud you know it's not gonna cost

me 15 20 bucks to remove it like this

would it's gonna cost over a hundred

bucks you know sometimes 200 so you got

to check the prices the prices are


changing so I'm gonna think twice before

I bite I'm gonna just send me the IMEI

number first or let me see it it has a

passcode on there I got to check it I

gotta check the IMEI number and if it

says by my phone off it's a deal you

know this if I has Find My iPhone on

which Find My iPhone is iCloud if it

says on then I'm like okay maybe we'll

have a deal so I go check if Find My

iPhone is lost or stolen or clean right

then I go check if it's clean I go check

how much it cost through the sources for

to remove iCloud if it's 120 bucks and

he wants $200 for it then that's 320

that's cool but then remember you also

have carrier unlock and blacklist so

this thing might have an iCloud but it

might also be blacklisted so now you're

gonna pay a hundred you're gonna pay 200

bucks for the phone 120 tools remove the

iCloud that's 320 you know plus another

40 to 80 to 120 bucks to clean the

blacklist status of it so you see these

unlocks can pile up okay so that's why

this this is a lot of information man so

I hope you guys are not so so confused

right now you know I'm I'm trying to

explain it as best as I can a phone can

be carrier law locked carrier locked

blacklisted password and iCloud locked

okay all at the same time so you want to

watch out you want to check the IMEI if

it's only blacklisted there's no iCloud

and there's no password none of that

stuff and it's just simply blacklist it

then cool you got yourself a potential

profitable deal right if the phone has a

password right but you check it and it

doesn't have iCloud and it's not

blacklisted and to top it off it's

already carrier unlocked get it because

it's just a password which you can reset

and it's not going to ask you for

email and password because you already

checked that Find My iPhone is off

iCloud is off doesn't have iCloud so yes

buy it now there's phones that maybe

it's just iCloud locked that's all it is

obviously it's not blacklisted you know

but it's already carrier unlocked which

you can all you can check all that stuff

out with the IMEI so if it's just iCloud

locked and they're selling you an iPhone

8 plus or something for 80 bucks and the

iCloud removal is only 120 bucks not

only that's kind of a lot so yeah if the

iCloud removal is 120 and you're

spending 80 80 bucks for the actual

phone that's $200 for an A+ that's

pretty good

this is not an 80 plus under saying

you're buying it for 200 bucks

however guys unlocks are always tricky

okay buying phones is always tricky so

yeah you might spend 200 bucks but what

if like a week later or two weeks later

the person blacklisted it they called

and they said hey I lost my phone

because they want to get a replacement

for just paying the deductible they lost

their phone now you bought a phone for

$80 paid 120 to remove iCloud and now

you're gonna have to pay extra to clean

the blacklist to remove it from

blacklist right unbar it clean the IMEI

etc so there's a lot of stuff that goes

into it I hope that's enough information

you know there's one there's there's a

couple of other locks MDM

it's called mobile device management

that's for iPhones there's uh or iPads

anything Apple for example a school

districts they would install this

software through Apple Apple servers to

manage their devices right if you

factory reset it it's kind of like

iCloud it's gonna say this phone this

iPad has a remote management software

installed for

the School District of Los Angeles right

or or for FedEx or you know what I mean

like a company that's a remote

management software

it's called M DM mobile device

management right it's kind of like

eyecup if it has that you can use the

phone unless FedEx or other than a

School District programs it you know on

their computer they're gonna say oh this

phone was you know reset give access and

then boom you'll get access and you can

use it again but there's ways to remove

that and it's not as expensive as iCloud

so and it's faster to so the way cheaper

I'm talking about like one tenth of what

you would pay for iCloud removal so yes

you can remove MDM mobile device

management okay so that's the other the

other unlock that we're talking about we

talked about a whole bunch of I clouds I

mean even I'm already confused we talked

about a whole bunch of unlocks okay we

talked about carrier unlocks which

carrier unlocks is being able to use a

t-mobile phone with another carrier SIM

card right or an AT&T phone with another

carrier SIM card we talked about

blacklisted unlocks this guy who just

called me a Google pixel for its

blacklisted okay so I would text my

source for Android I'll take some hey

how much to remove to to clean the IMEI

right unless we can do it on the honor

source here because we can also just pay

our sources you know but for Android I

like doing it through this guy it's

quicker sometimes cheaper because it's

Android and he can login to the phone

blacklisting phone so carrier unlocks

blacklisting unlocks password and

pattern lock unlocks right we can just

reset those but then it would reset it

it might have a Google account or it

might have an iCloud account right so

then we're talking about iCloud and


accounts iCloud locks and Google locks

we got carrier unlocks blacklist unlocks

password locks we can unlock those

iCloud unlocks Google unlock which by

the way that I clouds see I thought it's

just so broadened within itself if you

forgot your iCloud or the customer

forgot his ID card information and they

have the receipt they can go to the

Apple store and they'll remove the

iCloud lock for free okay then we talked

lastly about MDM mobile device

management which is like iCloud so I

hope this sums it up for you guys man if

you guys have any more questions please

go to the Facebook group and post on

there and we will definitely answer it

for you

I hope you guys enjoyed the video sorry

if it's a lot of information and I hope

it was kind of clear I'm gonna try to

edit this as much as possible alright

guys if you have any more questions if

you want to contact me directly you know

you can call me nine five one three nine

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contact at nine one one gadgets com

you can also leave a comment down below

this helped you I'm very happy it did oh

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