BMW Will Not Open Dead Battery

so in this video we are going to open my

BMW that does not respond to my remote




there's the gist of what is happening my

BMW was burdens No and I took a lot of

snow put in there and it's not opening

and what I figured was that was frozen

and I thought oh man what am I gonna do


so I took all there's no order here it

was a sunny day and nothing happens the

key here if you see I'll turn left and


look and nothing because this here is

electronic is not mechanic like any

other car and so it doesn't know nothing

right no don't open don't close and

anything and the battery's dead so this

is what I figured

first thing present remote nothing

happens right card is locked here I

thought it was because of the ice there

was stuff was frozen but I was wrong

so what I'm going to do now is trunk is

open but I can't get in the car so what

I'm going to do is on the right side of

your trunk you have your battery and I

have a charger which is tiny if you

don't I would advise you to buy one

because I've used so much

and so this cars going to crashed so

it's a there we go

it's but this positive on the positive

there you go

so it is actually out of battery yam boy

there you go so you see the light on now

and now finally I know it's a short

video but when I yep now it opens so

when you think that your problem can be

more serious than it is and you're ready

to call the tow truck just don't do it

you might not be it might not be

necessary yeah you might need a little

more charge so that's a different

problem I'm going to unplug plug it

again because I think my my thing is not

fully charged and this charger here

every time that you connect it kinda

stays on for a few minutes or a few

seconds and then it gets pooped out so

was it seeing I try to start my car it

got dark I had dinner and you know when

you know it's less than 30 degrees

already so I read that you don't jump

start from the trunk you jump start from

the front so in here

this is an e46 you have the engine on

the left side of the engine you see that

little thing over there which says plus

see here so what we are going to do is

I'm going to open this and jump start

from there and somewhere

from the everywhere else is negative so

me go got the charger from the trunk

all right here


I still think that this doesn't have

enough power we start that car it

doesn't matter if it's a plug from the

back or a plug from the front and that's


as you saw I opened the door through the

trunk so basically what happens is I

thought because it was too cold I

thought it was frozen because that

happened to my to some people in g37 my

t37 probables a different one and I

taught like rot out of the bed that the

thing was frozen and but it wasn't so I

you know in your case maybe sometimes

we're gonna call someone tow your car

take to BMW they're gonna use your key

pop up the trunk replace your battery

and then you're good to go and you're

gonna spend like $4,000 I tried to run

my car but bear is very dad and my thing

I don't think it was fully charged so I

am charging right now and I'm gonna try

to Morrow again I am making the video

right now so I got here


it's funny because you're gonna see that

right now but anyway that that was a

short video probably I'm talking more

than the video who was this the length

of the video but anyway like this video

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