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in today's video guys will show you how

to test double lock actuator this one

will be pretty much guys any car will be

demonstrating on a Mazda so let me show

you what we got here this is the door

lock actuator out of the car what they

have guys usually okay this is the metal

piece that locks the car cables going in

one is the door handle cable that opens

the door one is the lock cable and you

have that mechanism on the bottom there

is a little bit smaller and again okay

that turns that lever and this is the

lever that locks okay and unlock the

doors so sometimes the motor will burn

okay over the gear will crack and as a

result guys okay it will start skipping

or it will not activate at all we'll

show you how to do that now every video

guys every car that we get at the shop

will be making at least 200 videos so

let us show you now how we're going to

test it we're going to go ahead and open

the hood okay we're going to open the

hood doesn't matter what cavities

okay and what we need no guys most of

the times you can have on the actuator

on that actually will have killed two

wires so if you connect okay let me see

how I'm going to connect those because

they're very very little if you connect

wanted a positive want is an egg if it's

going to lock that off and later if you

switch it at iluminage it's going to

unlock them now I have to be extremely

careful okay not to touch those because

if I do I can button something so you

have to be extremely careful not to

touch for the wires in any way so let's

see if it's

if that will be possible or it will not

be possible

okay so looks like guys okay I'm afraid

that I'm going to touch it so let me

show you what I'm going to get I'll get

vote me there now okay because sometimes

those are really really hard to reach

okay we have the voltmeter here as you

know guys our videos are not edited

videos everything from start to finish

guys one whole videos on sometimes you

will will notice the whole process and

that way we were trying to hide anything

from you guys so now if we are extremely

careful okay we'll be able to touch them

okay now what we need to do okay we're

going to go ahead and connect each of

the alligator clips or key to the

battery terminals one negative one

positive now see what's going to happen


when we touch one of the wives with one

from the other one with the other all

okay now it unlocks it now let's switch


no no it doesn't move you can see the

handle doesn't move it tries but

something's wrong guys so let's try

again and see but you can see that this

dog actuator is shot ok it's trying to

move but it can't

so that thank you guys this one doesn't

work you can see the model is too weak

or something please look love moving the

way it's supposed to so hopefully guys

the video will be helpful to some of you

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