Tricks to Unlocking a Power Door When You Lock the Keys In : Car Repair Tips


hi I'm Bob Holcomb from Apex automotive

in Great Barrington Massachusetts today

we're going to give you a couple of tips

on how to get into your car

if you've locked the keys in it there's

not a more sinking feeling than watching

your car door slam shut with the keys in

the ignition and the door locked once

you're locked out of your car you have a

couple of options you could have a spare

key hidden in your wallet you could call

for a set of spare keys you could have a

hide a key somewhere in the car or a

magnetic box with a key in it without

any of those we'll have to get somehow

get into the vehicle and unlock these

doors they sell a device a wedge and a

long run if we Jam a wedge into the

doorpost being careful not to rip the

window and door gasket you want to get

in there just right behind the gasket so

you don't rip the gasket then we can

take a long pole stick it inside the car

find our door lock and then we can

unlock the doors now once the doors are

unlocked and this apparatus is stuck in

the door you're going to want to hang on

to both of these devices as the doors

gonna pop open rather quickly because

you've wedged it open and that's how to

get into your car if you lock the keys

in it the best solution is to have a

spare key magnetically attached to the

car somewhere or a key in your wallet

but if you must get in pry the window

frame open reach in and unlock the power

door locks I'm Bob Holcomb from apex

automotive in Great Barrington