How to fix a vending machine lock WITHOUT drilling it out | VendingNation 111

what's up in a nation guys I'm about to

blow your freaking mind


so a lot of individuals what they will

do when they see a lock that is really

messed up and they can't get their key

into for their candy or a gumball

machine will drill them out they'll just

take a big old drill and drill them all

out and then they'll go buy another

fifteen to twenty five dollar lock well

I have a solution for you that's gonna

save you a crap ton of money

now granted this won't work on every

single type of vending machine lock I

will say that now but it will work for

the majority of feral locks and just

like normal cabinet locks do you know

what I mean like the ones that just like

turn this way instead of like unscrewing

them yeah anyway um so I have this video

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all right I'm gonna show you this video

on how to fix a broken lock without

having to drill into it if you can tell

the inside part of the lock is moved or

facing that way and then the top of the

lock hole is is over here so so the key

it doesn't it doesn't go in now a lot of

people will go ahead and drill this lock

out but I have a secret that I want to

teach you so typically when I get any

machine they'll send you with two keys

correct so I took one of those keys and

if you can tell this key has the knob up

top and then it has a knob on the inside

as well which is supposed to fit in

snugly but I took the normal key and I

grind it off the top by using a file or

just taking it to some concrete so that

I could stick it in here

and I can move push it down and I can

move it to where that lines up hope I

gotta do it a little bit more there we

go now it's lined up so now the key the

normal key with the knob on top and in

the and inside of it should fit snugly

and there we go

that is how you fix a broken lock

without drilling it out right it's

freaking awesome I get so excited about

this I'm super sorry that I've let you

guys go for two years without knowing

that little beast of knowledge so guys I

hope that really helped if you want to

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and better than anybody in the game all

right guys I want you to village of any

Empire shared with the vending nation

have fun freakin doing it and I will see

you guys next time

I'll make another video peace