Tips on how to safely get into your car if you lock your key



all right I'm gonna teach you how to

break into your car in case you've never

left your keys inside and you need to

get in you don't feel like paying the

locksmith all you need is just an ankle

piece of wood or a wedge you can buy

these at a hardware store off the

internet or you can make one yourself

like I did and a long piece of metal

like the piece that holds the hood up on

the car great show you that it'll work

with with locks that look electronically

or that by themselves it's easier to do

the electronic locks but the car can't

get in what you're gonna do in this


press it in now if you're worried about

scratching your car you can put belt or

something behind here to prevent that

first gotta get this wedge put in here

and it looks a lot worse than it really

is go ahead and get a video of this

inside here from up here just want to

take it down in here and press that

unlock button just like so and you

successfully thanks for watching and do

not use this for any criminal behavior

this is only if you lock the keys in

your car you need to get them out I do

not take responsibility for any criminal

behavior that comes from this video


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