How to : Activate and Deactivate child lock on Bosch oven

right welcome to the how to garden house

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chips are made Bosch orders so when we

take our normal high temperatures come


the lights on

we pressing home child walk

I think there's off the child off home

bang goes off


and though he is produced


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it's time Pompeii


so at the top of them


and that's it all you have to do is

press and hold the key button

not a lot movin out this stops children

you can clean around there be open being

able to go to any school the only thing

that will switch on is the mazurka is

the fan of the battery which extracts

the heat that's it

and obviously you can for something is

important Iran lock it pressing all the

key button and you see - actually that

New Zealand

and change every option

using the retirement that's it thank you

for watching this video I hope you found

this video helpful to use on your own a

or than ahead