Bosch 4412 & 5412 Miter Saw Adjustments

hi I'm Dale with ereplacementparts.com

today we're going to show you a short

little video on how to adjust your bosch

miter saw this will be for the 44 12 and

the 54 12 first thing we're going to

show you is I guess how to adjust the

fence to the blades we're on a perfect

90 the tools we're going to be using 10

millimeter wrench 1/2 inch socket 10

millimeter socket speed square 4

millimeter hex key and a carpenter's

square first thing we're going to do is

on the back of the support fences we've

got to get those out of the way there's

a set screw on the back four millimeter

you're going to want to back that out

and then also take your knob off now let

that slide out and we'll go do that on

the other side now on your fence you got

four bolts hold that on there half inch

and we're going to loosen those up

now loosen that fence up I want to make

sure we're on our zero Degree mark and

that should just slide into place when

it gets close kind of Whittle it a

little bit make sure it's in there nice

and tight tighten your knob up going to

grab our carpenter square put that on

the table bring our plate down lock that

into place actually I'm going to take a

paper towel and kind of pin that guard

up out of the way just kind of wedge

that in there so it stays up out of your


release our slide slide that back and

forth now usually what I do is on the

right side I'll push that guard back as

far as it will go and snug those bolts

down to try to keep that from moving we

don't want them too tight just good and

snug then we can bring our blade down

slide our square over to it back up and

then come back here on the top and I'm

hitting my square so I know I've got to

go back a little bit more

and that's about perfect right there so

hold tight snug down those nuts maybe

check one more time that's pretty close

and go ahead and set them down good and

theis meant to be square next step we're

going to adjust our zero degree bevel

okay on the back of the saw these are

the bolts that are going to adjust the

mitre for the zero degree bevel a and B

basically hold everything tight so we're

going to break those loose see if we

this pulled up here this is going to

make our adjustment for the zero degree

bevel we have to loosen the set screw

down here and we're going to back that

out about three turns get that out of

the way and we're going to place a

square on our blade and I'll rotate the

saw so you can see that from the front

end we can see we're out about a

sixteenth of an inch so here in the back

I'm going to adjust it with the bolt see

and see if we can get that to straight


I actually don't forget to release your


and that looks pretty good right there

you want to apply a little pressure on

your motor here to make sure it stands

up straight and that looks pretty good

right there

so now I'm going to type in my set screw

or actually actually I'll tighten a and

B first and then type in my set screw

and remember your bevels release so you

don't want that tipping over on you I

got a and B tight that still looks

pretty good so I'll set my set screw and

that should complete the process on

setting your zero degree bevel okay now

we're going to adjust our 45-degree

bevel to get to that we have a bolt here

in the back again in the instructions

it's called bulk F and it's right down

in here and that's the one we're going

to be adjusting the 45-degree bevel with

okay so now we're going to release our

bevel tilt that down to the 45 is leave

your lever unlocked

grab your square bring your blade down

keep your split back up against the


bring that in and we can see we're out

quite a bit probably a little over eight

of an inch so we're going to adjust that

out with the F screw in the back

we can see that starting to bring that

down quick check luck we're still out

just a little bit

that looks pretty good so we just leave

it where it's at

there's nothing to do that to tighten it

down into place we can bring that back

up bring it back down again check it

looks pretty good we'll leave that where

it's at

now you might want to make a few cuts

with it make sure it's on a good 45 and

we're also going to print up some

instructions to show you all the steps

to take to do this so that's how you

adjust your minor cells