How to use a Skil Saw Compound Miter saw - Cutting the wood!

hiya river lady here okay so we've made

our adjustments and now we're going to

put the pieces together and we're going

to saw a piece of wood yeah okay

one of the first things I'm going to do

is I'm going to put on the dust bag this

collects most of the sawdust that you're

going to create there's two clamps you

just squeeze them you don't have a lot

of strength in my left hand here and

then you're just going to put it right

on this open area on the back of the saw

now what some people do is they attach a

hose that takes it takes the sawdust

right to a shop vac but I'm not going to

do that much sorry so my dust bag will

work fine the other thing I'm going to

position is my clamp this is what is

going to be used to hold my wood in

place now some people use alligator

clips some people use bigger clamps but

right now I can just use what came with

the saw that goes right here in the

front the last thing I'm going to put on

is my miter lock knob this is very

important let's get this get screwed

right into the front here okay now what

this allows you to do is this allows you

to move the saw from different miter

cuts if you're going to be and miter

cuts are angled cuts so if you think of

having a straight cut you can also have

different angled cuts on your wood

alright so you're either at zero you can

go 15 degrees 30 degrees 45 degrees so

what you're going to do to move the head

of the saw is you're going to hold on to

your lock knob and you're going to press

down on this lever and that's just going

to move the whole saw and we're going to

put it right at zero because I just want

a straight cut and just get it right

there perfect

now very important lock it in place

because if that blade moves while you're

cutting you're going to lose body parts

all right so now it doesn't move at all

and I'm at zero so I'm going to make a

nice straight cut okay a couple of other

things safety goggles you have to wear

safety goggles when you're working with

this saw so we're going to put our

safety goggles on and positioning of

hands if you're right-handed you're

going to be holding on to the saw handle

and the buttons and levers over here

you're never going to reach across to

hold the wood with your left hand you're

never going to reach across with your

left hand and hold the wood with your

right hand

because what will end up happening is

you'll be walking around with stumpy

arms or stumpy fingers well you'll have

no fingers all right

so proper hand placement so we're locked

into place we're going to press down and

bring the head up never make any

adjustments never do any of this kind of

work with the saw plugged in always have

the saw unplugged until you're ready to

saw now the miter saw this saw is great

for finish work you're not going to be

cutting a 2x4 piece of wood you're going

to be doing molding or narrower pieces

of wood so what I'm going to use here is

a piece of scrap molding and you want to

make sure that it's flush up against the

fence remember this is your fence really

make sure it's flush up against the

fence and then it's nice and tight

alright so that way isn't going to go

anywhere but we're going to still be

holding it with our left hand all right

nice and tight good alright so now we're

going to actually use the saw and sort

so loud the first time I heard it I went

oh my goodness that's so loud

but if you've made all your adjustments

made sure that your wood is positioned

and you got to make sure that you hold

it so that it doesn't go anywhere you

make sure that you've locked your miter

adjustment in place nothing's going to

go wrong well things can go wrong but

we're not going to worry about that

right now okay so simultaneously because

you can't use the saw unless you press

this release button it could press

either the one side or the other this is

your power and that's the release so you

have to press the release first and then

you press the power

and there you go now good habit to get

into is stop the blades from spinning as

soon as you pull it away from the wood

take your hand off the power and get

that blade to stop spinning don't pick

it up while it's still spinning that's

just a good habit and there we go we

made our first cut in that nice and

that's all there is to it and lose any

fingers and now you can make some

straight cuts in the next video I'll

show you how to make some miter cuts and

then as I get better with my saw I'll

show you how to make some bevel cuts but

right now you should go practice set up

your saw don't be afraid of it make sure

your safety goggles are on make sure

your wood is locked in place you've made

all your adjustments and have some fun

with your skill saw ciao