Bosch GCM 8 SJL Professional Mitre Saw

this is the Bosch GCM 8 sjl miter saw

it features precision capacity

portability and a highly visible cut and

the two-point dust extraction allows

from us safer and cleaner working with a

modern trend towards wider laminate and

solid flooring cost up capacity becomes

a key feature from the DCMA sjl the

maximum width of cut is impressive 312

millimeters and it will cope equally

well with material up to 70 millimeters

safe carpenters and joiners will find

dozens of applications for this miter

saw easy to use miter controls allow you

to cut angles up to 52 degrees to the

left and 60 degrees to the right and

they're all clearly marked on an

adjustable stainless steel scale there

are detent that the commonly used angles

where you can override them like this

for any intermediate fine settings a

real plus is a very easy to use side

bevel lock lever for setting the bevel

angles so you don't need to reach over

behind the saw everything is operated

easily from the front to set a bevel

just unlock with this lever select the

required angle on the scale and then

relock a unique three position turret

stop allows quick setting of 22 and a

half 33.9 and 45-degree levels and a

sliding stop enables you to undercut by

2 degrees at the 90 degree position is

required at extreme bevel angles the

left hand fence has to be slid back this

is simple and it slides very easily

offenses are both drilled if you want to

fit your own sacrificial or

zero-clearance wooden fences they are

integrated pull-out extension tables to

increase the cutting support for longer

work pieces the saw is very easy to

operate large switch on the handle

releases a guard which then flips back

out of the way as you lower the saw head

this guard is completely clear so you

have excellent visibility the vertical

handle and switch positioning make this

machine easy to use either right or

left-handed just extraction is

particularly well catered for on the GC

m8 with a two position shoot that

maximizes collection efficiency even

when the saw head is pulled well out one

collection point always moves with a

blade that will collect dust even on

extended cook machine is available in

either 240 410 volt options both having

a powerful 1600 watt motor it also has a

very efficient break so the blade comes

to hold quickly the blade is a two

hundred and sixteen millimeter diameter

48 tooth with negative rage sake cuts

incredibly smoothly and quietly and

leaves a super fine finish blade

changing is quick and easy thanks to the

break accessible spindle lock and the

necessary hexagon key is stored on board

the saw to maximize cutting precision a

laser is integrated into the upper guard

and this projects a sharp line across

the full width rotating to indicate the

sword cut a simple tenoning stop that

controls the depth of cut can be engaged

for joint or trench cutting

there's a comfortable carrying handle on

the top for easy portability and the saw

will set on any convenient bench however

if you team it with the GTA to 6000

folding stand the whole set it becomes a

dedicated sawing station the stand has

pullout extensions either side to

support very long work pieces and it

also incorporates length stops for

repeat cutting so that's the DC m8 sjl

miter saw it's extended crosscut

capacity and excellent dust extraction

features combined to make it a serious

machine for the professional user and if

you register your saw online within four

weeks of purchase the warrant is

extended to three years and whilst

you're at it why not join the bosch Bob

community to get knowledge and feedback

from other professional users the Bosch

GC m8 s JL miter saw