Bosch Compound Miter Saw Training

okay this is a safety instruction video

for our Bosch 12 inch sliding compound

miter saw first things first let's talk

about safety there's nothing more

important than these when you're working

with our chairs please wear safety

glasses at all times so this can slide

back and forth however the head won't

come up unless we release it here we

have to push down on the handle a little

bit to release the tension and turn this

90 degrees and now the head come up

you'll notice that the guard clears

itself as you need it no need all day by

hand there's a lot of functionality this

is a compound miter I can by lifting up

on this as long as this is loose I could

lift up and I can turn and it has a

variety of locking points 45 31.6 22 and

1/2 15 and of course zero try and leave

the machine on zero there's a bevel lock

that we can set right now this is set on

45 left so I can tip the saw in this

direction if you're going to tip the saw

make sure that the fence is adjusted out

of the way of the blade it doesn't know

where this fence is it can cut right

through it

and damage the blade again to release

this this allows it to release and I can

go 0 to 45 there are some stops

31.9 45 I'm gonna set it back at 0 and

then lock it down if I turn this one I

can get it to 45 right max range I could

lock it out this way or right

like that if I want to set a different

angle on here somewhere in the middle

like you pick any point rotate this luck

for a cut here

this machine cuts when as a right-handed

person I use my thumb to catch the red

button and then as a left-handed person

I would take my thumb and squeeze this

button hold the button in any case I

want to have to saw past the work that's

the same way of cutting because the

teeth rotate in this direction and the

force is going this way so you want your

work flat on the table and up against

the fence when we cut right now I've set

it up with a stands a little longer

these work on here and cotton-like it

puts tops on it and have repeatable cuts

or if I want to cut to a specific length

take it my pencil mark it where I like

let's say I want to cut it it 38 in a

quarter right here put a mark on the

waste side and I can set this up

when I grab this to check the work I'm

going to make sure I don't engage the

safeties I don't want it to start up

accidentally and then I can set the work

right where I want it anywhere on the

board where I have my mark I'm going to

set the teeth there and adjust so that

this side of the blade is coming right

down on my life

there's a little curve to the blade so

it'll cut a little wider than you think

I'm gonna use my right hand to hold this

in place my left hand will turn on the

saw say I have a little bit of line left

I want to recut that I can just scooch

it over a little bit when I'm done with

the saw I can brush it off

put the head down lock it in place if

you want to you can actually lock this

keep it from moving if you need to

transport it you can lift here and here

there's another feature that allows us

to set the height we can adjust this

pushing and have a data effect on other

cuts I want it to push down here

said it and we go down there was certain

death and no lower so I could create a

do a cut on this Soph I wanted to when

we're done with it please leave it so

that it will go full cutting so that the

saw is below the level of the working

event trough again when we're done knock

it up that's our Bosch 12-inch compound

sliding miter saw